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Are You Ready for Some Football???

1 Sep


Aubie in Jordan-Hare Stadium

In our house we are sooo ready for football!  We love to watch it on t.v. and in person….especially Auburn University and Troy University!

So, here’s to the “Moon Changing into a Football!!!” (a Dr. Johnny Long-ism)

War Eagle!!!  Go Troy!!!


P.S.  We also are ready for the NFL Carolina Panther’s season to start so we can see Camy-Cam play!!!  Go Panthers!!!


Daily 7’s

23 Feb

I am always looking for tips and suggestions that make housekeeping easier.  I will never pretend to be a perfect homemaker, but I strive everyday to be a better homemaker.

Today I was looking for some slow cooker recipes and found out that a blog I follow A Year of Crockpotting….is now posting on another blog Totally Together.   She had a great post called The Daily 7 for a Highly Successful Household

I love to get ideas to make my house cleaning an easier task…luckily I am already doing a few of her tips.  Mojo and I make our bed every morning (this is a new thing for us, but it makes it so nice to go to bed with straight sheets and not crumpled up sheets!).  I try to keep my sink clean — this is a Fly Lady trick that I attempt to stick with because it is amazing how much cleaner your kitchen feels and looks without dishes all piled up in the sink!!  I try to do a load of laundry every day…my mom always wonders why I am always saying I have laundry to do, but I do….and one load of laundry — washed, dried, folded and put away — a day is a way to help me to keep from drowning in piles and piles of laundry.  The kiddos are becoming better at helping me with laundry also….Girly Girl helps me get clothes washed and dried and she puts away her own clothes….Button Boy helps me pick clothes up and sort (he’s still working on getting this right) darks and lights…., but they are learning!

One thing that I will probably try to begin doing is the daily wipe down in the bathroom.  I really don’t like cleaning the bathroom and it is easy enough to keep Clorox wipes on the counters and wipe down daily….this is a great suggestion!!!

The suggestion that I am the worst at is the Clean Up After yourself and Help Your Children Do the Same.  I get lazy…very lazy.  And you can tell in my house when I get lazy because my shoes are at my chair, not in my room…there is my snuggie in my chair, not folded and put away…there are papers on the kitchen counter, not put in their place…  I do try to remember to clean up after myself, because I want my kids to be better at housekeeping than I am….

My challenge to myself is to take time everyday and clean up after myself and train my kiddos to do a better job of cleaning up after themselves! 

Summer Reading

9 Jun

A friend of mine, I’ll call her Fred’s Mom, from church posted about her wish list for Summer Reading.  We all know that mom’s are busy people, and as much as we would like to sit down and read, that if we actually get still and read, we typically end up napping!

Anyway, I thought it was a neat idea to put down on “paper” (i.e. blog) what I *would* read, if I could sit down and read without collapsing into a coma!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — actually, I *am* reading the second half for the upcoming midnight viewing!!!  (CAN’T WAIT!)  **FINISHED!!!  I can’t wait for the movie, now!!!!**

Jane Eyre

Passport2Purity by Dennis and Barbara Rainey…this has been recommended by quite a few parents at our church.  I am very interested in reading it to see what it says!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — I started reading this at Hard Labor Creek last summer, but didn’t get very far….it was an interesting read, though.

A very interesting thought, though….since my kiddos have to read a book over the summer and do a book report for school, maybe I should sit down with them and read my  book while they read theirs….that would be modeling good behavior, right?!  Once again….hopefully I don’t end up sawing some Zzzzzzz’s!

Toomers for Tuscaloosa

2 May

Toomers for Tuscaloosa

If you know anything about football you know about the fierce rivalry between Auburn University and the University of Alabama. When the trees at Toomers Corner were poisoned by *that* Alabama fan, the Crimson Tide Nation stepped up to show their support for the legendary trees, and in part for Auburn. Now Auburn fans are standing up to support the tragedy in Tuscaloosa.

A group has been created on FaceBook called Toomers For Tuscaloosa.

The Pioneer Woman has even Blogged about supporting the Tuscaloosa (and other places in Alabama that were effected) — she is donating (4) $500 donations to a charity of the winners choice.  She would prefer the money be donated to a charity that will help the tornado victims, but is not limiting it.  All you have to do is comment with your charity of choice.   Go to her blog….post a comment….put Toomers for Tuscaloosa.  Also, for every comment she will donate $0.25 to a “reputable/reliable organization providing direct relief and supplies to tornado victims”

Toomer's Corner AU Homecoming 2010

War Eagle!

Finally, **some** 80’s Ballads

14 Apr

This is a very short list of ballads. I love so many of them from the 80’s that it is very difficult to choose. So, if you know of some great ones that I have missed, I’d love to know!

Poison — Ev’ry Rose Has It’s Thorn

Motley Crue — Home Sweet Home

Billy Vera and the Beaters — At This Moment

Madonna — Crazy For You

Berlin — Take My Breath Away (again!)

The last three are the ones I love the most. I used to tape (yes, cassette tape!) songs and put my favorite songs on them…these three were ALWAYS on my tapes!

If I come up with any other favorites, I’ll be sure to post them….

More 80’s Music

11 Apr

More 80’s music….I wonder how many posts I can get out of 80’s music???  How about Movie Themes?

My dh **loves** the movie Dirty Dancing!  (hee-hee!)….but I do believe this is an iconic 80’s song!

My mother loves this…the Love Theme to St. Elmo’s Fire


Pretty In Pink…I love Andrew McArthy!

Not be to confused with the “Rat Pack”…the “Brat Pack” is the iconic group of actors….that means, the Breakfast Club!

Last but not least….one of my favorite 80’s movies — TOP GUN!

….and of course Berlin’s great “Take My Breath Away”….it makes me melt…truly!

….wonder if I can get past music of the 80’s?!  I do love the music of the 80’s so much!!!!

80’s Music — The Greatest Pop Music Period.

9 Apr

I will get blasted from people for saying that the 80’s was the greatest decade for pop music….ever!

Of course you have to start out with one of the greatest music videos of all time….Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

One of my personal faves…Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

You can’t leave out Aerosmith’s triumphant return with Run DMC

Sweet Child O’ Mine by GnR (Guns n’ Roses!)  LOVE IT!  <for those of you who love hockey… **this** is hockey music — along with “Welcome to the Jungle”!)

I know that this list is soooooooo incomplete….I’ll try to post some of my favorite ballads…and other pop music (Walk Like An Egyptian comes to mind!)

Enjoy these vids!