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27 Jun

Well, technically she’s not *my* baby….I didn’t give birth to her…but I love her like she was my child and I claim her as my child!

Congratulations Mallory & Jake!  Love you both!!!



Summer has Arrived!

1 Jun

My kiddos have been out of school for two weeks now…I love our private school that they begin a little early and get out very early!!!  (the daily hours are good, too…8am-2:30pm)  So, our summer has begun.

Most days the kiddos are coming to work with Mojo and me.  They seem to be handling the seven hours a day in the office quite well…, but it is just the beginning of the summer.  They are going to their Granddaddy & Grandmommy’s house for a day or so a week, but not everyday.

They begin “Chick-fil-A” Camp this coming Monday.  They will be doing sports and such for those 5 days….I’m looking forward to them being busy, but not looking forward to the having to be in Prattville (about 20 min away from the house) by 7:45 every morning…that makes me have to get up way too early!!!! — but I’ll suffer for their fun!!!

Girly Girl will be going to Auburn’s Gymnastics Camp in a few weeks.  Her first “sleep away from home” camp without me or her Daddy being there with her.  She is beyond excited!!!  I’m excited for her, too….I have great memories of camps and BRLS (Blue Ridge Leaders School) from my childhood and truly want her to have the same fond memories!  It just means she is growing up, and that makes my heart swell!!

Both of the kiddos will be going to a part-day Art Camp also.  This is really to give them something to do and look forward to…my kids aren’t artists, but they enjoy creating art.  Their camps are at different times, so it will be a good thing for them to be separated for a while….you know how brothers & sisters can get if they are cooped up together for too long.  UGH!  That is the part of summer that I DREAD!  The arguing and “He’s picking on me” or “She’s messing with me!”

We take Button Boy to the Eosiniphillic Esophagitis Clinic this coming Monday for a check-up.  He has been doing so well, that I am almost afraid to get his next EGD done, for fear that Cinnamon will come back as a “no go” after him eating it for the past 6 months.  If his EGD biopsies come back okay, then we move onto peanut butter…that means he can have Reese’s again!!!  Yipee!!!  <Happy Dance>

We will be visiting our family in NC for the 4th of July again this summer.  It is always fun to go up to NC and see the family, but I really enjoy the 4th of July trip because we get to go to the parade in Lattimore.  Lattimore is a little township that doesn’t even have a stop light….and they host a truly country parade, complete with tractors and golf carts…and a Mustang Club!  We typically go over to Mojo’s sister’s home for a small cookout — it is always so much fun to get to spend time with Emily, Paul, Jason & Julian….and especially when they make homemade guacamole!!!   🙂

This trip will, hopefully, include a side trip to the BBQ King in Charlotte.  They were featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, one of Girly Girl’s favorite shows.  We have visited them before and loved their food…so, she has requested that we go back…and I”m sure we will!!!!

We have also discussed taking the kiddos to the waterfall where Mojo proposed to me!  It is up on the Blue Ridge Parkway…and lovely…just a more strenuous hike than we are accustomed to, but it will be fun to show the kids where we used to spend just about every weekend when we lived in NC!

I think that updates everyone on what is going on, and coming up!  I hope to have pictures of some activities in the next few weeks — I’ll post them when I get some!