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What do you do on the Friday after Thanksgiving?

24 Nov

Iron Bowl

…we watch FOOTBALL!  The best football in the land, as a matter of fact!  No matter how the two teams season have gone, we take our football in the state of Alabama very seriously!


& Happy Thanksgiving!

EmmyJMommy & E @ AU Gymnastics meet






I’d Hate to Meet Him in a Dark Alley….just sayin’!

17 Nov

Auburn Homecoming 2010

12 Nov

We loved Homecoming at Auburn this year!  Neither Mojo nor I are graduates of Auburn (we both went to small colleges — him Gardner-Webb, me Troy STATE University, now known as Troy University) but we love Auburn like it was our Alma Mater!  We are encouraging Button Boy to go to Auburn, and since Girly Girl wants to be a chef, we are more than happy for her to stay at home while pursuing that dream!!!  (over protective Mommy writing here!)

Anywho….Auburn Homecoming….War Eagle (Nova) flying around the stadium….War Eagle 6 (Tiger) celebrated her 30th birthday!  Watching Cam play….watching him lead….just watching him!!!  Freezing my hind-end off!  Walking around looking for food, but there was nothing available….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!  Falling down as I was walking down the stadium stairs and believing that I had broken my knee cap…no kidding…it hurt!   Listening to the Band…I love Marching Band music, formations….everything about a Marching Band…even the uniforms and shoes!  🙂  Finally getting Button Boy to Toomer’s Corner and watching both of the kiddos play in the toilet paper!  Comforting Button Boy when we had to leave Toomer’s Corner!  He didn’t want to leave, and I loved that even though I was exhausted! 

I’ll leave with just a few pictures from the day…..I”m sorry for the poor writing….you….know…me….I like dramatic….pauses!  🙂

Girly Girl AU Homecoming 2010

Button Boy AU Homecoming 2010

War Eagle Snow!

Toomer's Corner AU Homecoming 2010

Button Boy @ Toomer's Corner