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Our Life….lately…

29 Apr

We have been on our elimination diet since April 1.  We have successfully cut out Soy, Nuts, Wheat, Egg, Dairy, and Fish for 23 days…well, we had a hiccup the first weekend, but we immediately got back on track! 

Our paperwork (15 page application) has been turned in to the CCED clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center.  They also have the slides from all of Button Boy’s previous biopsies (which date back to December 2003) to review and confirm his diagnosis of Eosiniphillic Esophagitis.  All of our medical records from CHS – Birmingham, the GI Specialist here in Montgomery and the OT here in Montgomery should be on their way to CCED.  We have heard from the Intake Coordinator, and as of this past week, the applications that were being accepted were making their appointments for the end of July this summer.  So, it looks like we will not be going until August, at the earliest.  That does not bode well for staying on the diet only until the beginning of June!!  So, we have appointment to see Dr. Saeed in mid-May to discuss how we should proceed.  My personal opinion will be that Dr. Saeed will go ahead and plan another EGD for the end of May to see how the elimination diet is working on the EE.  If it **is** working, then we may be staying on the diet and adding back foods slowly.  If it **is not** working, then we may be taken off the diet completely and just wait until we go to CCED.  I’m not sure which one I am hoping for….they both have some disadvantages….I just know that I want Button Boy to eat and grow and be healthy and happy!!!!

Our favorite meals have been the simple meals.  Steaks with roasted potatoes.  Grilled Bar-B-Q Chicken and roasted green beans with garlic potatoes.  We have found a family-owned restaurant here in Montgomery that will cook Button Boy’s food with the Earth Balance Soy Free spread that we bring in!  We love Sommer’s Place!!!  Button Boy and Girly Girl have also discovered Italian Ice.  It is a great dairy free cold treat for them…and another family-owned place for us to support!

As many of our friends and family know, we are “DYE HARD” Auburn fans!!!  We love everything Auburn….Aubie, Nova, Gymnastics, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming….and espeically FOOTBALL!!!!!

War Eagle!!!

This April 17, we joined 63,000 of our closest friends and watched the A-Day game.  It was a record attendance!  Makes the upcoming season look very promising, too!  The day was beautiful.  The sun shined, orange and blue was everywhere, and the band was playing!  I just love Marching Bands!  (I was a band geek in high school *and* college!)  We toured the new Auburn Arena and tried to figure out where our season tickets for Gymnastics 2011 and Basketball 2011 were going to be!  It is a terrific facility that will hopefully bring a lot of new things to Auburn!

Krissy Voss and her cheerleaders!!!!

We had a nice Resurrection Sunday Weekend.  My mom hosted a baby shower for my “cousin” Will’s wife, Julie.  (“cousin” = my parent’s best friends eldest son who was born 3 months before me and delivered by the same doctor…we have grown up together, and have always considered each other family….Mojo just doesn’t get it…it must be an Alabama thang!)  We had a tea party…the little girls got to dress up and have their makeup done, while the big girls enjoyed finger foods and gifts!  Avery Jane was delivered 4 weeks early weighing somewhere around 8 lbs 12 oz!!!!  She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl…definitely taking after her Mommy!!!  :0)

Back to Resurrection Sunday.  We celebrated at Sunday School, and then I went home to take care of a sickly Mojo (he has to have been EXTREMELY sick to miss a Sunday Morning Worship service) and the kiddos went to my parent’s house.  My cousin, Richard’s <see reference to Will above>, family (Tasha and the girls) were there.  So, Girly Girl carried around the baby all day, and Button Boy played with his new buddy and friend!  Button Boy and Knock-Knock’s Girl were inseparable!!!



This summer may be wild and crazy.  Button Boy’s Best Friend and his family are moving to Japan during June (boo-hoo!!!  We love the Jean family!).  Vacation Bible School, High Seas, takes place the second or third week in June.  We will be visiting NC to see Mojo’s family, and hopefully make a trip into the mountains.  We will celebrate our nation’s birthday, either at my Aunt Let’s house or downtown.  We will hopefully take a few weekend getaways to the Georgia Aquarium, the Atlanta Zoo and the Birmingham Zoo…along with a few others.  We will spend a week at the Gulf Shores State Park…..and hopefully see Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center.


What a Day!!!!!

8 Apr