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Forever Friends!!!!

28 Apr

I have missed Homecoming at Troy for at least 14 years.  The last time I went I was living in Tallahassee and it was before I met Mojo.  I have never really had too much of a desire to go until the last few years when more and more of my friends from the Sound of the South began going.

Well, this year I wanted to go so badly.  My dh wasn’t really feelin’ the TSU Sound of the South love…so we stayed at home and hosted our annual Auburn/Georgia game!

My sorority sister and her husband (who happens to be a frat brother of ours) and their three kiddos stopped in Montgomery the day after Homecoming and had lunch with us at my parent’s house.  If you are wondering how my parent’s got sucked into this…they are Chuck’s Godparent’s!  Yep, while Chuck and Anna lived in Wetumpka, my parent’s adopted them!

Mojo took some terrific pictures of me, Chuck and Anna by my Daddy’s Koi Pond. (which I don’t have, Mojo!  <hint-hint>)  He also took some terrific pictures of the kiddos….their two girls and Girly Girl loved playing with one another!  I really think that if Button Boy and their son had another hour together, they would have been inseparable.

I love my forever friends….sorority sisters and frat brothers! College was such a great fun time in my life!

I think this year, I *will* go to Homecoming….now, if I can just find a ride….maybe the Kiefriters will stop through and pick me and Girly Girl up!!!


Whaz Up, Doc?!

20 Apr

What’s going on in our lives?? Not much really. Just the same ol’, same ol’! Get up, get ready, get kids ready, make lunches, fix breakfast, get kids to school, go to work….take a breath….pick kids up from school, then either soccer, gymnastics, work or clean house, make dinner, eat dinner, get baths & homework, get kiddos in ‘namies, get kids to bed, get in my ‘namies, clean kitchen while watchin’ some NetFlix with Mojo, go to bed…finally!

Girly Girl is still doing gymnastics. She loves it, and honestly, I love watching her compete! I don’t know how long we will be on this track, but right now, it is a great thing!

Button Boy is playing Sonshine Soccer at FUMC. He is really enjoying it, and we are seeing improvement in his coordination on the field and his endurance. He is also handling wheat back in his diet, so far!!!

Mojo is doing great, too. He works, he looks at his photography groups on the internet and comes up with ideas for the kids to do certain poses and what not. He still watches his old t.v. shows with Girly Girl on Friday nights, and they love that special time together!!!

Now, this Sunday is a special celebration in the lives of Christians. Thursday night is the night Jesus was taken from the Garden of Gethsemane — He had been betrayed by Judas. Friday is the celebration his crucifixion. It is odd to say that we celebrate Christ’s death, but we know the reality of the Resurrection on what we celebrate as Resurrection Sunday. The Son of God was brought to Earth to ultimately die on a cross to save everyone (see John 3:16 & 17) who have faith in Him.

My prayer is that we take the next 4 days very seriously in our walk with Christ. That we meditate about the meaning of these events. That they draw me and you closer to God…knowing that he ordained Christ’s crucifixion from the beginning of time. God’s plan was carried out perfectly. Praise God for the Son, for His birth and His death….but most of all, for the Resurrection!!!

Finally, **some** 80’s Ballads

14 Apr

This is a very short list of ballads. I love so many of them from the 80’s that it is very difficult to choose. So, if you know of some great ones that I have missed, I’d love to know!

Poison — Ev’ry Rose Has It’s Thorn

Motley Crue — Home Sweet Home

Billy Vera and the Beaters — At This Moment

Madonna — Crazy For You

Berlin — Take My Breath Away (again!)

The last three are the ones I love the most. I used to tape (yes, cassette tape!) songs and put my favorite songs on them…these three were ALWAYS on my tapes!

If I come up with any other favorites, I’ll be sure to post them….

50th Anniversary of Man in Space!

12 Apr

My dh is a child of the 1960’s.  He is a *few* <wink, wink> years older than I am.  He remembers Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.  He remembers the Apollo 13 happenings.  He remembers so much of this part of our history, it is not funny!  He loves everything to do with NASA and the space program.  He is my true nerd, and I love him for it!!!!

Well, I didn’t know, but of course he did, that today is the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin being launched into orbit around the Earth.

Yuri Gagarin

I don’t know a lot about the space program…or the Soviet space program during the beginning of space exploration….what I do know is that without Yuri Gagarin and the Soviet space program we would not have had man on the moon, the Mars Rover, the Hubble Telescope, or even know as much as we do about the other planets, moons and solar systems our Great God has created to point to His glory!

Take a minute, look around the news sites, and learn a little more about the beginning of the “Space Race”.

Genesis 1:14 – 19

And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth.” And it was so. 16 And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars. And God set them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day.

More 80’s Music

11 Apr

More 80’s music….I wonder how many posts I can get out of 80’s music???  How about Movie Themes?

My dh **loves** the movie Dirty Dancing!  (hee-hee!)….but I do believe this is an iconic 80’s song!

My mother loves this…the Love Theme to St. Elmo’s Fire


Pretty In Pink…I love Andrew McArthy!

Not be to confused with the “Rat Pack”…the “Brat Pack” is the iconic group of actors….that means, the Breakfast Club!

Last but not least….one of my favorite 80’s movies — TOP GUN!

….and of course Berlin’s great “Take My Breath Away”….it makes me melt…truly!

….wonder if I can get past music of the 80’s?!  I do love the music of the 80’s so much!!!!

80’s Music — The Greatest Pop Music Period.

9 Apr

I will get blasted from people for saying that the 80’s was the greatest decade for pop music….ever!

Of course you have to start out with one of the greatest music videos of all time….Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

One of my personal faves…Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

You can’t leave out Aerosmith’s triumphant return with Run DMC

Sweet Child O’ Mine by GnR (Guns n’ Roses!)  LOVE IT!  <for those of you who love hockey… **this** is hockey music — along with “Welcome to the Jungle”!)

I know that this list is soooooooo incomplete….I’ll try to post some of my favorite ballads…and other pop music (Walk Like An Egyptian comes to mind!)

Enjoy these vids!

Shout Out & The 80’s

6 Apr

Today I am giving a shout out to my friend, Ben.  I love reading Ben’s posts about grammar and reading his stories about life and what he sees going on in life!

HI BEN!!!!!

Ben posted just a few days ago about “PRONOUN APPRECIATION DAY“…and featured a Little House Rock’s vid from YouTube.

It is funny because just the other day I was speaking with a friend about movies from the 80’s (she’s only a few years older than I am) — and she didn’t remember any of the classics!!!!  I was shocked!

Girly Girl’s 4th grade class has been interviewing people from their family, even though I am unsure of the reason, it has made me think about what some of my fave’s from jr. high and high school actually are. [OK, Ben, I think I goofed up the grammar, start making marks on my paper for me!  😉 ]

After sittin’ and thinkin’, I believe I have come up with some 80’s faves….

Here’s the first installment…..


Little House Rocks — I’m Only A Bill

Louie the Lightning Bug — Play It Safe Around Powerlines


Bugs Bunny in Rite of the Valkaries


and, Transformers

~~can you tell I had a younger brother that I watched Saturday cartoons with?!

*** Next installment — music!