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Vote in the Primary — June 1st

31 May

Just a quick reminder for everyone in Alabama to get out and vote on Tuesday, June 1st. 

If you are unsure which primary to vote in….vote Republican… Troy King

Troy King


The City Gate

27 May

One of my two sweet sister-in-laws, the one that, for some reason, married my little brother (he got *very* lucky!) — has begun an Etsy business.

She has got a real talent for sewing, and is loving it!  She sews terrific bags!  “Sew” far, though, my favorite thing she has made has been the Covered Journal!  I love notebooks as much as I love totes…..and I love MONOGRAMMING even more than both of those put together!  My subtle hint to my sister-in-law….(shameless plug for a gifted covered journal)

What EmmyJMommy Wants!

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