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Way to GO, Girly Girl!!

14 Dec

Girly Girl was promoted to Level 4 in gymnastics!  We are so proud of her and her willingness to work hard at something she loves!  Way to go, Girly Girl!  I love you!!!!



Cake & Cupcake War

4 Dec

Girly Girl and a friend from school (I’ll call her Cupcake Friend) have decided that they will open a cupcake shoppe when they get older.  This has been discussed between the two of them for over a year!!

Today they both spent the day at my parent’s house having their own Cake & Cupcake War!!  They decorated cakes and made cupcakes and then had a mock Cupcake War between the two of them.  I don’t know who won, but the cupcakes will be making a trip to their classroom tomorrow to share!

Cake War 2011

The girls beginning to decorate their cakes.

Finished Cake War 2011

The finished cakes!!!!

Cupcake War 2011

Making cupcakes.

Cupcake War 2011

More making cupcakes.