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Daily 7’s

23 Feb

I am always looking for tips and suggestions that make housekeeping easier.  I will never pretend to be a perfect homemaker, but I strive everyday to be a better homemaker.

Today I was looking for some slow cooker recipes and found out that a blog I follow A Year of Crockpotting….is now posting on another blog Totally Together.   She had a great post called The Daily 7 for a Highly Successful Household

I love to get ideas to make my house cleaning an easier task…luckily I am already doing a few of her tips.  Mojo and I make our bed every morning (this is a new thing for us, but it makes it so nice to go to bed with straight sheets and not crumpled up sheets!).  I try to keep my sink clean — this is a Fly Lady trick that I attempt to stick with because it is amazing how much cleaner your kitchen feels and looks without dishes all piled up in the sink!!  I try to do a load of laundry every day…my mom always wonders why I am always saying I have laundry to do, but I do….and one load of laundry — washed, dried, folded and put away — a day is a way to help me to keep from drowning in piles and piles of laundry.  The kiddos are becoming better at helping me with laundry also….Girly Girl helps me get clothes washed and dried and she puts away her own clothes….Button Boy helps me pick clothes up and sort (he’s still working on getting this right) darks and lights…., but they are learning!

One thing that I will probably try to begin doing is the daily wipe down in the bathroom.  I really don’t like cleaning the bathroom and it is easy enough to keep Clorox wipes on the counters and wipe down daily….this is a great suggestion!!!

The suggestion that I am the worst at is the Clean Up After yourself and Help Your Children Do the Same.  I get lazy…very lazy.  And you can tell in my house when I get lazy because my shoes are at my chair, not in my room…there is my snuggie in my chair, not folded and put away…there are papers on the kitchen counter, not put in their place…  I do try to remember to clean up after myself, because I want my kids to be better at housekeeping than I am….

My challenge to myself is to take time everyday and clean up after myself and train my kiddos to do a better job of cleaning up after themselves! 



20 Oct

1. I haven’t blogged lately, even though I have two or three blog posts started, I just can’t seem to get them finished.

2. Girly Girl has a gymnastics meet this Friday at 11am….who on earth would schedule a gymnastics meet for school-aged children on a school day at 11am?!  I mean really??!! 

3. Luckily, Girly Girl has a school that is willing to work with her and she can take all of her tests and assignments early and still go to the meet.

4. Mojo and I agonized over the decision to even *ask* the school about Girly Girl missing school for the gymnastics meet….we didn’t want her to think that gymnastics was more important than school, but on the other hand, we didn’t want her to think we did not take her interest in gymnastics seriously… we finally went to the principal and got permission….

but it should not have been something that was even an issue…it shouldn’t have been scheduled during school.  Anyway….that is my soapbox for today.

5. I have now been to two Troy University (when I was there it was Troy State University) football games this season…more than I have been to in the past 15 years!!!!  I have really missed it!

6. I am reading The Help.  I know I’m a little late on this band wagon, but I am really enjoying it.  I’ll be finished with it soon, but it will be out of the theatres by that time, so I’ll have to wait for it on Netflix!

7. This past weekend we had some great tickets to the Troy/LA Monroe game….Troy lost, big time.  But the band was swell…and I got to see one of my sorority sisters which was SWEET!

8. Is it wrong to hope that one of my kiddos will fall in love with Troy and want to go there? 

9. Today’s weather is wonderful!  It is October and actually feels like October should feel like….cold and crisp with a little bite in the air!  I think that moon might be a football!!!  (Dr. Longism for those band-mites)

10. Is it too early to begin panicking over Christmas yet?! 

Life Keeps On Keeping On

13 Sep

Our life has just kept on going.  As much as I have wanted it to slow down, it hasn’t.  There hasn’t been a reason for me to want it to slow down except I have been battling some very severe depression.  You may or may not understand, but it is the kind of depression that makes you want to crawl under your bed and hide from the world….even if you have the world’s greatest husband and kids (like I do)….the most understanding and caring parents and friends (like I do)….and the co-workers that worry about me more than I could ever imagine (like I do).  I have more to be thankful for in my everyday life than I know where to begin….I have an amazing God that gives me trials that He knows will test every fiber of my being, but He also knows I will come through better because I went through them leaning on Him….and I have family and friends that keep pointing me to my great God and telling me that my eyes need to stay focused on Him during these hard times, that he is the *only* way to get through these times….and I have a church that is willing to stop and pray for me when I am struggling.  I have more blessings than I could ever deserve….and I am so thankful for every single one of them!!!

Through all of this, our life has kept on going….we keep going to work…the summer has rolled on…Girly Girl made a week long trip to NC to visit her grandparents…we travelled the next week to NC to celebrate the 4th of July…we watched the kiddos take part in some day camps…we travelled to Huntsville and went to the Space & Rocket Center…the kiddos have started back to school….and we have moved (again….for the last time, we hope!)

This fall holds quite a few fun activities for us too!  We plan on watching lots and lots of Auburn Football, win or lose.  Girly Girl has some gymnastics meets we will be attending.  We will be, hopefully, attending a Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC, in November…and will be visiting family for Thanksgiving in North Carolina.

I have been slow about updating the blog for a while, I hope the two or three of you who keep up will understand why.  I hope to have some pictures of the new house and what we are up to blogged (like the new verb?!) soon….and then we’ll see how things go.

Here’s to a great football season, too!!!  War Eagle!!!!


Shout Out & The 80’s

6 Apr

Today I am giving a shout out to my friend, Ben.  I love reading Ben’s posts about grammar and reading his stories about life and what he sees going on in life!

HI BEN!!!!!

Ben posted just a few days ago about “PRONOUN APPRECIATION DAY“…and featured a Little House Rock’s vid from YouTube.

It is funny because just the other day I was speaking with a friend about movies from the 80’s (she’s only a few years older than I am) — and she didn’t remember any of the classics!!!!  I was shocked!

Girly Girl’s 4th grade class has been interviewing people from their family, even though I am unsure of the reason, it has made me think about what some of my fave’s from jr. high and high school actually are. [OK, Ben, I think I goofed up the grammar, start making marks on my paper for me!  😉 ]

After sittin’ and thinkin’, I believe I have come up with some 80’s faves….

Here’s the first installment…..


Little House Rocks — I’m Only A Bill

Louie the Lightning Bug — Play It Safe Around Powerlines


Bugs Bunny in Rite of the Valkaries


and, Transformers

~~can you tell I had a younger brother that I watched Saturday cartoons with?!

*** Next installment — music!

In the Beginning…

22 Feb


There is always a beginning, a middle and an end….always.  Whether in life, in a relationship or in a blog.  No, I am not leaving my blog.  I am not posting as much as I did at one time, but I am still around to give my takes on days, weeks, and even months and years in my family’s life.

Today I got to thinking about the beginning of this blog.  There was no rhyme or reason.  I just would write things that were on my mind or things that were going on.  Then I got on a cooking kick.  Trying new recipes and posting the end results…even getting together with a group of bloggers all trying the same Barefoot Contessa recipe in the same week.  A lot of those were very successful, but I am finding that right now, I need quick and easy…and Barefoot Contessa is not always quick and easy!

So, now basketball season for Button Boy is almost over…gymnastics is in full swing for Girly Girl…baseball season for the Montgomery Biscuits and Atlanta Braves will be here before you know it….along with the 100 degree dog days of summer.  Man, life just keeps on going!

We long to get home to the North Carolina mountains.  To show the kids Mount Mitchell and Grandfather Mountain, but everytime we get to Shelby, I don’t want to get in the car for another day of driving or riding…but we may have to next time.

We long to get to Atlanta to visit my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Gail.  We always have a wonderful time with them…and Button Boy loves to get into the woodshop at Uncle Johnny’s house to build stuff….last time it was a wooden boat!

Button Boy and I will travel to Cincinnati again in March for his next EGD at Children’s Hospital.  He has been on the lower dose of Flovent since December and hopefully these biopsies will show the same improvement as the last ones and we can begin to slowly add back some of the restricted food he has been off of….you know, Wheat, Egg, Nuts, Fish and Cinnamon.

Girly Girl is an amazingly bright child.  She is 10 years old and in the 4th grade, but she is learning things that I didn’t learn until I was in high school.  She loves school, loves her teacher (as she has every year at CCCA), loves her friends, and loves learning.  It is amazing to hear her recite what she has learned.  We pray that her enthusiasm continues over the next few years when school get more tough.

Button Boy enjoys school, but doesn’t want anyone to know it!  He adores his classmates, loves his teacher, and really loves reading!  He constantly asks if he can go to Books A Million and buy a book or two….and most of the time we allow him to, but now he is running out of room of places to put them.  Guess we’ll have to find a new bookshelf for his room!

I hope that the next few months sees our family doing a lot of activities together and taking loads of pictures and video to share with our friends and family who read this to keep up with us!

Keep checkin’ in…you never know what you’ll find!

Reflections on Our Week at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

4 Sep
Now that we are at the end of our week, I think I am emotionally stable enough to actually get the words to come out correctly….maybe. 
We began our week early Monday morning. Button Boy was unable to have solid food after 2am and no clear liquids after 8am. So, he was not able to really have anything all day Monday. I’ll get to his procedures in a few paragraphs… 

We arrived at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital about 30 minutes early for Button Boy’s appointment with the GI Specialist that is one of the foremost doctors studying Eosinphillic Esophagitis. As we were waiting for the clinic to open, Dr. Shehzad Saeed, Harris’ GI doctor from Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, walked through the lobby and stayed with us most of the morning to help Harris relax — and, I hope, because he feels an attachment to our family. We met with Dr. Franciosi, and he went over what the week would/should look like. He asked a lot of questions…and decided that Button Boy would need to stay in the hospital overnight Monday because he was having an “impedence probe” placed, and they needed to be able to monitor his ins & outs. 

Button Boy tends to be very anxious when we are in the doctor’s office, I know that is typical for some children, but Button Boy refuses to make eye contact, talk, and usually hides behind me. We have learned that if he is going to relax then we have to explain what things are going to take place while we are in the doctor’s office. I don’t think Dr. Franciosi really understood that because Button Boy ended up pitching a fit when Dr. Franciosi made him lay down for a hemocult exam. He screamed and hollered…and is still talking about it! Traumatized for life, I’m sure! During the appointment with Dr. Franciosi, Dr. Saeed was there with us…he asked some questions to help get some clarified answers from Dr. Franciosi and he was there as moral support. It was amazingly overwhelming to realize how much research has been done, and is still going on compared to how little they know about EE. 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is not only a hospital that concentrates on Children’s health, but it also is a teaching hospital and a research hospital. We were approached by two different Research Coordinators regarding some research that is being done during the stay with the CCED clinic. The first young lady that came and talked to us was right after the appointment with Dr. Franciosi. Her study has to do with genetics and EE. Button Boy had a few more biopsies done and a little extra blood taken after he was sedated for his EGD. The family (me, Mojo, Girly Girl, Grandmommy & Granddaddy) took part in a portion of the genetics study…we had to SPIT in a small cup. They retrieve DNA from the SPIT and are able to put the information they get from the study in a group to compare how genetics plays a role in EE. It is very interesting to know that just some SPIT will help them determine some avenues of treatment. The second young lady met us on Thursday, so I will explain that when I recall Thursday and all it brought to our lives. 

Unlike Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL, we were able to go all the way into the operation room. He was extremely worried prior to the EGD and we had asked for him to receive some Versed to help him relax. Instead of getting the Versed, though, the Nurse Anethesist let us know that we could walk with him into the operation room and give him a big ole kiss while he was being put to sleep. When he was told that, his attitude changed completely! He was more relaxed and as ready as anyone can be before they go into a surgical procedure! 

The night in the hospital went okay. Button Boy did not talk a lot because of the tube going through his nose and being anchored into his stomach. He would tell you it is not fun, but not too painful, just irritating. So, that day we just sat in the hospital room watching cartoons and trying to get him to drink so they could take out his I.V. When they were finally able to take out the I.V. we walked around a little bit and found a movie or two to watch. Girly Girl, Grandmommy & Granddaddy came by to say hello before they went to eat and back to the hotel for Girly Girl to swim. Mojo decided that he would leave me with Button Boy, and he would hang out with Girly Girl. The next morning he was scheduled for his allergy testing. The probe was pulled out and we had to put Harris in a wheelchair for the rest of the day. 

At the allergy testing they did 75 skin pricks. Button Boy *really* did not like having these done. They were not as bad as shots, but they do have to get the allergens under the skin, so they do prick it a little. After waiting for 20 minutes or so, the Allergist, Dr. Abonia, came in to read them….evert single spot that the test was given showed a negative read. That means according to the skin pricks, his reaction did not show any red places that were elevated and itchy to compare to the histamine response that was placed last. So, take away from this part — no food allergies! 

After finishing the prick test, he was given a patch test. The patch test contained little “wells” that had a puree or liquid type of the allergy. The only things that were not tested were lamb (they were out of the paste for it), shrimp, chocolate and cinnamon. In the past, the cinnamon was his highest allergen. Button Boy had to wear the patches from Tuesday at 1:30 (EDT) until Thursday at 1:30 (EDT). The tape that they put the patch wells on with just tears Button Boy’s skin to pieces. He isn’t allergic to it, but it pulls at least one or two layers of skin….and he cries and cries…i don’t blame him, though….it is frustrating to have things like that done to a little guy that has been through so much….and knows what will probably happen…. 

Tuesday was a long day. After the patch testing and getting released — we decided to take Button Boy and Girly Girl to a Cincinnati Reds game. Mojo and I love baseball, even though we don’t get to go as much as we would like. This past Christmas, we gave Mojo a six pack of season tickets to the Montgomery Biscuits, and he has been taking the kiddos with him and they will actually sit and watch the game! So, it was no surprise to us that they *really* enjoyed the game! The Reds have a new hot-shot relief pitcher named Chapman. He has been all the talk around baseball over the last week. He was clocked throwing a 105 mph pitch at his Triple A club….Tuesday night, we saw him pitch a 103 mph ball! It was wild! He also has a great “change up” that averages about 88 mph. So far he has an arsenal that no one is able to master — yet. 



11 Jul

You would think that from the post title that I was going to be writing about my BFFs, or Girly Girl’s BFFs, or Button Boy’s BFFs.  But that is not the case.  I am just going to attach a picture that I took last night at my parent’s home.  My Uncle Bill and Aunt Jane came into town to see their new grandbaby, Avery Jane.  After dinner, this is where we found my dad and Uncle Bill.