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Beginning of the trip to CCED

28 Aug

Today we have begun our trip to Cincinnati CCED clinic for Button Boy’s out patient tests and discussions, and Friday, if everything goes well, he will be a free boy!

After leaving Montgomery, we headed to Nashville for the first “leg” of this long trip!  My roommate, Ch-narla, and her dh live in Nashville with their new baby boy, well, he isn’t that new — he’ll be 1 on August 30!!!   Happy Birthday sweet 1 year old!!!

As we celebrated baby CJ, I got to catch up on good times!  Chrissy, ‘Manda, Brandi…..My sweet friends!  Ch-narla had the great gift of having me as her first roommate at Troy State University.  The second year, Chrissy became my rock and roommate!  ‘Manda and Ch-narla met when we were all Juniors in college (I think that is right, but it may not be!)  Brandi, well, I just kind of adopted her on my own.  CJ & Chrissy know her from working in politics in Florida. 

I love these girls so much! My life has been filled with so much love and loss (just sad b/c I don’t get to see them as often as I want to) in anticipation of our reunion!

'Manda, Chrissy, Em, Ch-narla, Brandi