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Sick and Tired of IT!!!!

26 Feb

Button Boy Needs a Haircut!

Once again our little family is struggling with an illness!  It seems like since Christmas we have been jumping rope with our health…up and down — up and down!

Mojo had shoulder surgery the day after Christmas and he is doing wonderful!  It is amazing how he has recovered.  He still is having some pain, but has been told he will have pain up ’til and past the 6 month mark. 

I have been struggling with horrible nausea, but it has gotten tremendously better since I had surgery at the end of January.  Dr. DeWitt (one of my surgical heroes!) corrected a small hernia and some scar adhesions…and I am finally feeling some relief from the nausea…instead of all day, I am only having late afternoon/early evening nausea!  (and I’m NOT pregnant!)

Button Boy had the flu (was actually tested for it and it was positive — I think we have a “pandemic” of it in Alabama) and was out of Montessori for an entire week (BTW, Mojo, Girly Girl and Button Boy all had the flu shots…I did not)…Girly Girl has been down at the end of last week w/ the stomach bug….and last night the stomach bug hit Button Boy….so the sicknesses, I’M TIRED OF IT!!!!

Sassy Girl

To make matters much more complicated — my poor sister-in-law (my brother’s wife) has been in the hospital for over a week with pancreatitis and a bad gallbladder.  She has been in horrible pain and very, very sick!  She finally had a procedure yesterday that relieved some of the pain, and hopefully will have her gallbladder removed today…and then be on the mend!  She has been showered with prayers from many friends and family…and we are thankful for it….out of all of our piddly little illnesses, she has been very very sick and it has been very scary.  We love her dearly and have not wanted to see her go through this….She has been remarkably strong and nursed her 3 month old son through this, also!  She has been the mother that I think we all strive to be…she has shown grace and love that we all hope to show in difficult times!


American Idol, Season 7

19 Feb

Dreads Dude, Season 7

Okay, so tonight the fellas performed…and needless to say I wasn’t stunned by many of them.  I have chosen two favorites, one to the cringing of my fellow “E” bud and adopted daughter, and the other because he is totally amazing!

I’d love to hear others who follow this show and where your opinions lie.

I truly felt inspired by Jason’s singing and talent with his instrument….Michael had the entire package in my opinion.

Aussie Dude

Please respond and let us know your opinions, this season is gonna get good…the gals are tomorrow!!!!

Family Photo on Friday

15 Feb


Once again life has gotten in the way of blogging….and we all know that life is much more important than blogging.  I will hopefully get up the nerve to expose our struggles over the last few months, but needless to say we are coming out of them and we are still together and stronger in faith with our God!

I wanted to share a picture taken w/ Mojo’s new camera (1/2 Valentines Day gift, 1/2 begging gift)  He couldn’t wait until this evening to begin playing with it.  So of course one of the first pics he took was of the Nutter’s.

He is  lovely puppy and we really enjoy him in our lives! 

I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was sweet and romantic….ours was listening to the healthy (finally) children play and we cooked @ home.  Tomorrow evening a date night and shopping for shoes to wear to an event to be announced later! 

 God bless you!