21 Apr

What’s up around Bennett Drive lately??  Not much….

** Button Boy started Sonshine Soccer…he loves it, of course…it makes for a busy Thursday afternoon….which is interesting!  Girly Girl goes to gymnastics at 4pm, Button Boy has soccer all the way across town at 5:15….Girly Girl gets out of gymnastics at 6pm, and I have to pick up Button Boy back all the way across town at 6:15….can you say lots of running…but I love taking care of my babies and them having fun!

** We got Girly Girl’s gymnastics schedule for the fall.  3 meets out of town (Gulf Shores -YIPEE, Mobile, and Birmingham) 4 meets in town…we really lucked out!!!!

** Girly Girl is looking forward to her first overnite camp this summer.  I’m trying too come to terms with the fact that she is old enough to go away to camp….Auburn Gymnastics camp watch out for Girly Girl!!!

** School lets out on May 18….finally!  But then the kids begin Summer Camp with my mom!!!  They love getting to spend the days with her!!

** Had a major cleaning morning this morning…everyone helped out and the house looks much better…still some work to be done, but at least I can breathe again!!!

**I’ve been missing my college roommates lately….don’t know why, but they have been on my heart….I really need to email them and let them know.

I think that is pretty much what is going on….just gearing up for the end of the school year and getting into the swing of summer!


One Response to “Whazzup?!”

  1. charla April 27, 2012 at 7:03 pm #

    Sounds like a happy busy! I both look forward to and dread those days! And I miss you, too! 🙂

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