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Toomers for Tuscaloosa

2 May

Toomers for Tuscaloosa

If you know anything about football you know about the fierce rivalry between Auburn University and the University of Alabama. When the trees at Toomers Corner were poisoned by *that* Alabama fan, the Crimson Tide Nation stepped up to show their support for the legendary trees, and in part for Auburn. Now Auburn fans are standing up to support the tragedy in Tuscaloosa.

A group has been created on FaceBook called Toomers For Tuscaloosa.

The Pioneer Woman has even Blogged about supporting the Tuscaloosa (and other places in Alabama that were effected) — she is donating (4) $500 donations to a charity of the winners choice.  She would prefer the money be donated to a charity that will help the tornado victims, but is not limiting it.  All you have to do is comment with your charity of choice.   Go to her blog….post a comment….put Toomers for Tuscaloosa.  Also, for every comment she will donate $0.25 to a “reputable/reliable organization providing direct relief and supplies to tornado victims”

Toomer's Corner AU Homecoming 2010

War Eagle!


I’m Going To Miss You! I ♥ U, Vicki!

7 Jun

My friend, Vicki from Not So SAHM, is moving.  We met at church….I began reading her blog.  I found that we think *a lot* a like!  We had a “hook up” at the coffee place that I love but has gotten way too expensive for me!  We had a great time…found out that we have a real connection as friends and sisters in Christ.  Mojo and I finally had Du, Vicki and their beautiful girls over for dinner a week ago.  That night was terrific!  We figured out how well we all got along…the kiddos loved playing with each other, the parents loved talking to each other…and the camera loved the pictures it took!!!!  

Vicki & Du

Vicki & Du




At the end of the evening we also found out that they were moving in 11 days.  It was a sad moment to realize that we have finally taken the time to spend time together, gotten along very well, and they are leaving.

This morning came too quickly.  I hadn’t realized how fast this week had gone by.  After our worship service, Vicki was standing in front me to say good-bye.  We embraced…we cried…we promised to keep in touch through blogs and FaceBook….and we plan on visiting DC while they are there.

Vicki, my sister, I am going to miss you terribly!!!  I love you and will pray for you, Du and the kiddos!


B.O.B. Birthday

20 May

Button Boy has discovered Monsters vs. Aliens.

You know, the 3 – D movie with the really tall chick, the cockroach that is supposed to be a doctor/scientist, and the  blob of blue goo b.k.a. B.O.B.  He insisted on having a MvA birthday party.  Birthday party, this year the invitation list was limited to grandparents, cousins, and the ever popular “Best Buddy Boy” and “BBB’s sister”.  We cooked out Nathan’s hotdogs and Hardin’s hamburgers!  Yum-O!  I made homemade potato salad and a grown-up birthday cake (which I didn’t photograph…bad me!)…and of course, the B.O.B. POPS!

I am loving Bakerella‘s cake pops!!!  They are so much fun to make!  I can make them egg-free and Button Boy thinks they are wonderfully YUMMY!!!  Makes them all the better!

Button Boy & B.O.B. pop

Button Boy & B.O.B. pop

Basket full of B.O.B.'s!

Basket full of B.O.B.'s!


Saturday & Tomato Pie

29 Apr

Saturday.  These are the types of Saturdays that I try to avoid.  You know, the over-booked type of Saturday.  The Saturday that when you are finished you are feeling 100% wiped out. 

Well, I am a week out of a minor surgery.  And you know what they say about minor surgery — it is the surgery that is performed on someone else!  ha!  My minor surgery was performed on me.  I have had plenty of abdominal surgeries to know which one is major (Gastric Bypass, C-section and Panniculectomy — OUCH!) and which ones aren’t as major (scar adhesion removal, hernia repair).  I have felt rotten for about a month and half now….I had a pretty good day yesterday (a week after surgery) with only two really bad “episodes” of not feeling great.  So, today I thought I would be up and ready to go. 

We started the day at the soccer fields, Girly Girl had a game at 8:15.  That is 8:15 in the morning….and it is Saturday, the day we are *supposed* to sleep in.  She played a great game, for those of you wondering.  She “danced” after the ball at the forward position (her favorite) and followed through on her kicks better than she has in other game.  Button Boy’s game was at 10:15, a more palatable time, but not enough time to do anything or go anywhere.  Button Boy had expended much of his energy and was not as energetic in his game as he has been…., but he still had a good game. 

After the game, we had just enough time to run home and allow the children to get out of their sweaty clothes…then off to pick-up Angel Food Ministries.  Angel Food Ministries, if you are unfamiliar with it, is a wonderful ministry that allows families of any income level to purchase food at a discounted price.  A box that will feed a family of 4 for $30.  Look it up in your area!  Try it out…everyone can use some help now and then!

From picking up the food, we had to hurry to the Montgomery Zoo for a birthday party.  I thought the party began at 1pm, so we there at 12:45 to make sure we were there in plenty of time….of course, due to my poor little brain, once we got there and waited until 1:15 and no one was there, we realized the party didn’t begin until 2pm.  Oh, well.  It gave us time to run to the new River Otter exhibit that Mojo hadn’t visited yet.

The party was wonderful, the kids loved it…but I began feeling bad…and we still another party to go to at Mellow Mushroom at 6pm.  By the time we got home from birthday party #1, I felt bad enough to take a nap.  I **never** take naps…when I do, you know I am not feeling well.  When I awoke, I didn’t feel any better and absolutely couldn’t go to birthday party #2.

Mojo took the kiddos to Mellow Mushroom and birthday party #2.  THANKS MOJO!!!

While Mojo took the kids, I got hungry.  I decided to give a recipe I have been eyeing for a while a try.  I had to make a substitution, though.  I thought I had bacon in the freezer, when I discovered I didn’t, I remembered I had purchased some proscuitto at the store this week hoping to try something with it….so, I am trying this recipe with it!

Here’s the recipe from one of my favorite Foodie Blogs….Vanilla Sugar.

Vanilla Sugar's Tomato Pie

Vanilla Sugar's Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie
By dawn

1 (9″) deep dish pie shell, kept frozen
4-5 lg. tomatoes, thickly cut
Freshly cracked black pepper
a gentle sprinkling of fine sugar
1 c. good quality mayonnaise (Hellmans)  — I actually used Duke’s…the only mayo Mojo allows!
1 c. shredded sharp cheddar cheese
½ cup cooked real bacon, chopped fairly small (not the fake stuff please)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, 350 for convection. Slice up the tomatoes in rather thick slices and place them on paper towels to absorb some of the excess moisture.
Get out pie crust from freezer, place sliced tomatoes over crust; do a double layer of sliced tomatoes. Then sprinkle with an ever-so-light sprinkling of white sugar, then some freshly cracker black pepper.
In a bowl combine mayonnaise with shredded cheddar cheese, and the chopped up bacon. Spoon over tomatoes; try to get it spread evenly over the tomatoes, but don’t push down.
Bake for about 30 minutes. Mine was done at the 25 minute mark, so best to keep an eye on it at the 20 minute mark.

Tomato Pie with slice missing!

Tomato Pie with slice missing!

**After cooking, my tomato pie came out a little greasy.  I don’t think that I will use any type of prociutto or bacon without getting off as much of the natural grease as possilble**


Monday Menu Planning

27 Apr
Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday


Once again…. 


It gives me the assurance that I have something planned each night for us to eat…and the flexibility to make changes.  Here’s what this week looks like:

Friday — “Grill Night Out”  I grilled chicken breasts marinated in a Balsamic Vinegar marinate by Ken’s…yum-o!  I also made a tri-colored Orzo with some fresh lemons and roasted  carrots with a little bit of brown sugar during the last 5 – 10 minutes for some added sweetness.  It was very good!

Saturday — oh, we had an over-booked Saturday…the kind I try to avoid!  By the time it was time for our dinner birthday party at Mellow Mushroom for one of Girly Girl’s friends, I was sooooo sick feeling that I didn’t go.  I **did** make a Tomato Pie that I will blog about later in the week…so stay tuned!

Sunday — I had planned a new crockpot dish for after church…Swiss Chicken….but Button Boy woke up with swollen eyes that were matted shut and very very red!   PINK-EYE!  UGH!  So, he and I stayed home while Mojo and Girly Girl went to lunch and *our* favorite restaurant Satsuki!

Button Boy's Pink Eye

Button Boy's Pink Eye

Monday — Sonshine Soccer games….again.

Tuesday — Sonshine Soccer practice….again.

Wednesday — picnic before church

Thursday — Cheddar Garlic Oven-Fried Chicken & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Friday — Tonkatsu with rice

Saturday — Parmesan Crusted Pork (hold over from previous weeks!)

**For more Menu Planning ideas and tools visit Laura, the Organizing Junkie!**


Menu Planning, Lovin’ It!!!!!

13 Apr

I am lovin’ Menu Planning!!!!  This week Laura, at I’m an Organizing Junkie, posted her first Menu Planning template.  She’s been planning on making it available for download for a while, but couldn’t figure out how to convert it to .pdf to make it simpler to download.  (btw, I don’t know how to either, if someone would like to leave me instructions on converting .doc to .pdf…as long as it is simple, please do so!)  I like her new template, and will be using it over the next few weeks to see if it helps me not waste spiral bound notebooks, which is the way I am Menu Planning now.

I am trying to find different ways to keep track of the recipes that I find over the internet, also.  I have a three ring binder, but it is filled to the brim.  I guess I could do two or three binders and separate them by types of recipes…but if by chance, you are reading this post and have a specific way that you keep your recipes that you get online, please post a comment with the suggestions that work for you!  I need help!

Well, on to last weeks successes and failures.  Our soccer games on Monday evening should have been cancelled because it was under 40 with the wind swishing around the fields.  We froze our back-ends off…but the kids played well!  Monday, the kids ended up just having P, B, & J’s with grapes and Gatorade.  Tuesday night we did not go to practices (I wasn’t going to torture myself or my kiddos in the weather again).  So, I made a spaghetti.  I decided to use two of my last cloves of garlic in the water I was boiling the noodles in — I just put two whole cloves in at the same time I put the noodles in.  I removed them before I drained the noodles, and I really liked the flavor it gave the noodles.  It was subtle enough that Mojo didn’t complain, but strong enough that I enjoyed it.  Wednesday we actually ate at church.  Thursday, I wasn’t feeling well and was afraid I wasn’t going to the Chinese Chicken Salad finished for my Barefoot Bloggerschallenge, so I ordered pizza for Mojo & the kiddos….but did get the Chinese Chicken Salad finished…and ♥ LOVED ♥ the dressing!  It is a recipe that I will use again and probably try some variations on!  I also took it to my Mom’s house for her to try after they dyed eggs on Friday, and she really enjoyed it…my dad said it was okay, but he isn’t as big on Peanut Butter as we are!

I made some of Bakerella’s infamous CakePops! for our family get-together at my Aunt ‘Lette’s and Uncle Emile’s house at Millie Creek.

Bakerella's Cake Pops

Bakerella's Cake Pops

Well, onto the Menu Plan for this week…

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday


Friday — Grill Night FINALLY!  We had Brats & Dawgs with one of our favorite families.  I tried a new potato salad recipe….I didn’t eat any of it, but can’t wait to try it.  Kendra brought the makings for Strawberry Shortcakes…YUM!

Saturday —  I spent all day making the “Chicks on a Stick” pops for our dinner at Millie Creek.

Sunday — lunch @ my Mom & Dad’s…a terrific Boston Butt and 7 Layer Salad!  dinner at Millie Creek, selection of salads, my baked brie was a hit (of course, I didn’t get a picture…darn, I’ll have to do it again!)…and the “Chicks on a Stick” were the hit!  Amanda and Ana-banana loved them the most!!!

Monday — Game Day….dinner @ McDonald’s with friends!

Tuesday — Practice — meat & cheese roll-ups with fruit and Bugles

Wednesday — Picnic Night with the D’s

Thursday — Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops — courtesy of Ch-narla

Friday — Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals, Zesty Chicken Cutlets Parmigiana and pasta (page 128)

There is our week.  It is a busy week, and this coming weekend is a busy weekend…but now that spring is here, we are going to stay rather busy!  Gotta love life with kiddos!!!!


Say It Forward

3 Apr
5 Minutes for Mom

5 Minutes for Mom

Last week, I recieved a nod from BusyJulie for commenting on her Menu Planning Monday post.  I am going to begin “Saying It Forward” and let those who come to my blog and comment know just how much I appreciate them stopping by!
Well, I am nominating one of my favorite bloggers today, Vickie @ Not So Stay @ Home Mom!  I ♥ her!  I ♥ her faithfulness, I ♥ her sense of humor, and I ♥ her friendship.  I have posted about her before.
If I had to guess, I would say that she is one of the people who (whom?, Ben which one?) reads my blog the most, and probably does so just to get to sleep! 
So, Vickie, my dear friend….here’s to you!
Vickie, you can go to 5 Minutes for Mom to “pick up” your widget for your blog…from me!