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War Eagle!!!!

30 Nov
Walking to Jordan Hare

Getting to Jordan-Hare

Mojo and I along with E and TomBoy Girl were able to go to Auburn’s homecoming game versus Furman.  We had a great time!  Anytime we get to visit the Plains is a great day!!!

I love Aubie!!!

Photographer Aubie

TomBoy Girl @ Toomer's Corner

Raiding Toomer's Corner


Mojo did it too!!!!

Mojo Raidin' the Corner


BFF's E & E @ Toomer's!

BFF's E & E


Belated Hall-o-ween Post….

13 Nov

Sorry for this being late, but I just got the apple-pickin’ post completed (I’ve been quite lazy lately)….and hope this one will post in the next few days….then my wonderful birthday celebration with Mojo and “E” (& Tomboy Girl)!!!!

This year, we decided not to attend any Fall Festivals or other celebrations…., but instead we went “trick or treating” with some friends and even the adults got into the fun by wearing either a mask or wig (except Mojo….he’s such a fuddy duddy!)


Double Storm Shadows


Storm Shadow B


Witchy Girl

First Annual Jones Family Apple Pickin’ Trip!!!

9 Nov

Button Boy Excited about Apple Pickin'!!!!....and the tractor ride!


Kiddos & Uncle KK Pickin' Apples!


Button Boy's Apple


Girly Girl's AppleTwist -- Don' Pull!!!

We had so much fun at our first Annual Apple Pickin’ for the JONES CLAN!  We all road together in one 15 passenger van!  It was a terrific time! Girly Girl & Button Boy picked so many apples, that we brought some home to give to friend’s!
This is just the  beginning of the day…..more to come!  You can Count on it!!

Longtime Friends…

1 Nov

We visited Montessori Academy for their annual Fall Festival with our friends, Laura & Bert…and their wonderful children!  While we were there we ran into Girly Girl’s bestest friend from when she was 2 years old.  It was amazing that at the age of 2 that she and her friend, Bryn, were inseparable! 

Still, at the age of 9, Girly Girl talks about Bryn and asks to see her frequently!  We were so thrilled to see her at the Fall Festival…and hope to spend some more time with her in the future!


Forever Friends