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20 Oct

1. I haven’t blogged lately, even though I have two or three blog posts started, I just can’t seem to get them finished.

2. Girly Girl has a gymnastics meet this Friday at 11am….who on earth would schedule a gymnastics meet for school-aged children on a school day at 11am?!  I mean really??!! 

3. Luckily, Girly Girl has a school that is willing to work with her and she can take all of her tests and assignments early and still go to the meet.

4. Mojo and I agonized over the decision to even *ask* the school about Girly Girl missing school for the gymnastics meet….we didn’t want her to think that gymnastics was more important than school, but on the other hand, we didn’t want her to think we did not take her interest in gymnastics seriously… we finally went to the principal and got permission….

but it should not have been something that was even an issue…it shouldn’t have been scheduled during school.  Anyway….that is my soapbox for today.

5. I have now been to two Troy University (when I was there it was Troy State University) football games this season…more than I have been to in the past 15 years!!!!  I have really missed it!

6. I am reading The Help.  I know I’m a little late on this band wagon, but I am really enjoying it.  I’ll be finished with it soon, but it will be out of the theatres by that time, so I’ll have to wait for it on Netflix!

7. This past weekend we had some great tickets to the Troy/LA Monroe game….Troy lost, big time.  But the band was swell…and I got to see one of my sorority sisters which was SWEET!

8. Is it wrong to hope that one of my kiddos will fall in love with Troy and want to go there? 

9. Today’s weather is wonderful!  It is October and actually feels like October should feel like….cold and crisp with a little bite in the air!  I think that moon might be a football!!!  (Dr. Longism for those band-mites)

10. Is it too early to begin panicking over Christmas yet?! 


Summer Reading

9 Jun

A friend of mine, I’ll call her Fred’s Mom, from church posted about her wish list for Summer Reading.  We all know that mom’s are busy people, and as much as we would like to sit down and read, that if we actually get still and read, we typically end up napping!

Anyway, I thought it was a neat idea to put down on “paper” (i.e. blog) what I *would* read, if I could sit down and read without collapsing into a coma!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — actually, I *am* reading the second half for the upcoming midnight viewing!!!  (CAN’T WAIT!)  **FINISHED!!!  I can’t wait for the movie, now!!!!**

Jane Eyre

Passport2Purity by Dennis and Barbara Rainey…this has been recommended by quite a few parents at our church.  I am very interested in reading it to see what it says!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — I started reading this at Hard Labor Creek last summer, but didn’t get very far….it was an interesting read, though.

A very interesting thought, though….since my kiddos have to read a book over the summer and do a book report for school, maybe I should sit down with them and read my  book while they read theirs….that would be modeling good behavior, right?!  Once again….hopefully I don’t end up sawing some Zzzzzzz’s!

Sonshine Soccer

31 Mar
Button Boy

Button Boy

This week Girly Girl & Button Boy began their very first week of soccer practice!  We have not played an organized sport yet, mainly because I wasn’t ready to commit them to anything too competitive while they were so young.  This year, that changed.  Girly Girl is ready to be a part of a team and Button Boy just needs to run and run a lot! 

Frazer UMC sponsors Sonshine Soccer during the spring and fall every year.  The ages are 4 – 12.  They have one practice and one game per week…so, it seems perfect for our first attempt!  Button Boy had his practice first…he is one of the older kids on his co-ed team.  He really enjoyed running around after the soccer ball, kicking it around, and he listened to his coach very well!  I was very proud of his first practice!…and he was so pooped afterward!


Button Boy - stretching

Button Boy - stretching

Button Boy - kickin' it!

Button Boy - kickin' it!

Girly Girl’s practice was immediately after Button Boy’s, just on a different field.  Button Boy is young enough to where he is playing on a “half-field” and Girly Girl is on one of the “full-fields”….they are not professional regulation size, but big enough!  I think that Girly Girl was a little intimidated at her practice for several reasons….she was the smallest child out there size wise, she may have even been the youngest, but I’m not sure….and she didn’t know much about soccer except that you kick the ball while running and try to get it into the goal.  So, when her coach began talking about positions and spacing on the field — she began to panic a little.  But from the sideline, we reassured her (not only did Mojo and I go to their first practices, but so did Grandmommy & Granddaddy!) that we would explain the game to her in more detail during the upcoming week so she would understand more…she then relaxed — and had fun!!!!

Tiny Girly Girl

Tiny Girly Girl

Girly Girl - kickin it!

Girly Girl - kickin it!

Button Boy’s coach had a devotion after their practice, and Girly Girl’s coach spent their break talking to the kids about what he expected from them.  During half-time of the games, they will have a devotion, and I’m not sure who leads those devotions, but I am looking forward to seeing God glorified during these upcoming weeks!
We have practices & games over the next 6 weeks or so….I will be posting some pictures as the season goes on!  I am really excited about this soccer season and hope the kids have fun, too!
Girly Girl -- waiting

Girly Girl -- waiting


Menu Planning

16 Mar

Wow!  Two weeks in a row!  If you actually didn’t know me, you might actually believe I am so totally organized!  Ha!  but those who actually read this, know *MUCH* better!

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday — lunch —  homemade lasagna, green beans, garlic bread
                    dinner —  “grab – it”
Monday — leftover lasagna YUM!  (It’s always better the second day!)
Tuesday — ST. PATTY’S DAY!   Slow Cooker Corned Beef Brisket,  roasted potatoes, & GREEN chocolate chip cookies!
Wednesday — church
Thursday —  Chicken with 20 Cloves of Garlic, from Kraft food & family, — made with pork chops!, with roasted veggies
Friday —  Grill Out Night!  Hardin’s steaks & potatoes
Lunches this week will be ham & cheese sandwiches with chips/crackers, grapes, & bottled water.  Snacks will include popcorn, cheez its, and fruit chewies (for Button Boy, Girly Girl has braces).  Monday, we are having Tom Boy Girl, Drama Girl, and Baby Girl over for the day since their sister is having her wisdom teeth cut out….and it is Spring Break for CCCA…so, we are looking forward to some fun activities in the afternoons!
I am challenging myself to something….I know, funny, a challenge, me the failure at Flyin’ is tackling another challenge!….this challenge, to GET BACK TO couponing!  With the way our finances are going, I am trying to be a better helpmate to my husband by managing the household finances better…so, I will be getting back to clipping coupons this week!
So, after going through the Publix Weekly Ad( I ♥ PUBLIX! ), I found the following items that are in my Menu Plan:
milk – 2 @ $5
corned beef – $2.99/lb
tomatoes – $1.49/lb
Bertolli Sauce – B1G1
Kraft Dressing (see Thursday’s recipe) – B1G1
Cheez Its (snacks during the week) – B1G1
DeerPark Water (for lunches) – $3.99
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (snacks during the week) – B1G1
Breyers Ice Cream (treat for dessert) – B1G1
Cottonelle Toilet Tissue (uh, yeah, needed) – $6.99
Kellogg’s Chewies (a Button Boy must!) – B1G1
I will not be buying our steaks from Hardin’s Grocery until Friday to make sure we have enough money for the good cuts ( I love their ribeye & Mojo loves their bacon wrapped filet).  We are not celebrating anything special, except God’s gift of Spring!  We have been enjoying 75 – 80 degree weather just a week after having snow!  (HELLO, ALABAMA in March!)  So, we are going to enjoy the weather by grilling out!

Happy Menu Planning Monday!


Stuffed Chicken
Stuffed Chicken

For some reason, the meal that I made Saturday night wasn’t on my Menu Plan for last week, or this week since it began on Sunday!

The Bleu Cheese & Pecan Stuffed Chicken above was actually inspired by a Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meal episode.  She made a chicken breast stuffed with bleu cheese and pecans (she says it pee-can…that’s wrong, it’s puh-kahn!) and wrapped with one piece of bacon.  I made it pretty much the same, but used three pieces of bacon wrapped around each breast.  I seared the stuffed breasts on the stove and then placed them in my Pampered Chef Cranberry Deep Covered Baker with some Ken’s Balsamic Marinade.  Baked them uncovered and when they were done I browned them under the broiler and put some extra bleu cheese, pecans and crumbled bacon on top.

It got RAVE reviews from Girly Girl *and* Mojo!  He doesn’t even like bleu cheese!!!!  He said that it is one of the best meals I’ve made!!!!  So, mark this dish and a definitely on the repeat list!

Flyin’ Update

13 Mar
Fly Lady

Fly Lady

Okay, I am failing.  I am totally and completely failing.  I ♥ my Shiny Sink!  …and believe it or not…it is *STILL* Shiny!!!!  but the rest of my house, well, I am a failure.

Fly Lady has to be terribly disappointed in this recruit.  But as any other failing, I am recognizing that I am a slothful, lazy soul….and I need to get off my bummed bum and get back to flyin’….oh, how I desire to get it together and have the perfect house!  A home that I can come home to and actually not be fearful of reactions of my neighbor’s when I open my door to take out the trash or get into my car or call the kiddos in for dinner!

So,  back I go to the beginning…..except, I’ve done step one — Shine Your Sink!


Oh How It SHINES!!

Oh How It SHINES!!

Frugal Food Allergy Suggestions

5 Mar
The Inedible Egg!

The Inedible Egg!

I am a great fan of Money Saving Mom!  She has great suggestions and terrific deals that she posts throughout every day.  Well, I got a call from ‘Lainey (HI!) this morning tellin’ me that I needed to “rush on over” to MSM because she had a great post on Frugality with Food Allergies!  Oh my!  What a great thing to post about!  Oh, how I have struggled to stay frugal (which for me is a struggle in itself!) and faithful to NO-EGG-ery! 

Well, there are some great suggestions…and not so great ones, but go on over and read for yourself and see if you can use any in your frugal grocery habits! 

If you find some that are particularly useful or you have something that no one over on MSM has suggested, come back over to “Coffee Talk” and share them with us, too!  (you know, me!)

Fly Cleaning

21 Jan


I am a semi-convert.  Convert to cleaning.  I have been reading FlyLady and her suggestions on how to add certain habits to your routines.  One of the suggestions that I am finding most sensible is the fact that instead of creating another schedule or plan we should add new items to our routines very slowly and make them habits.  Make it a part of going to bed…you know, getting on your pjs, brushing your teeth, taking your sleeping pills <ha!  that is to see if Mojo is reading!>. 

FlyLady has Baby Steps, 31 days of them.  Now most of the days are simple tasks…that is what makes her plan a good one.

I finally got it together and began with Baby Step #1…Shine Your Sink!  See my picture below.  I got my sink nice and shiny Saturday, and amazingly it spread to the rest of my cooking area! — uh, except the floor….that will come when I get the breakfast nook done….anyway.


Oh How It SHINES!!

Oh How It SHINES!!

Check out FlyLady, take a look at the Baby Steps…