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Girly Girl is 13!!!

2 Sep

Girly Girl is 13!!!

My sweet Girly Girl is officially a teenager today! I love you, my sweet! May God bless you with many more years ahead of you!



13 Sep


Football is here!!!

College Roomie Gettin’ Married!!!

31 Jul

I love it!!  First Mallory gets engaged, now one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world has gotten engaged!!!  Congratulations to Chrissy and Brian!!!  Love you!!!!


27 Jun

Well, technically she’s not *my* baby….I didn’t give birth to her…but I love her like she was my child and I claim her as my child!

Congratulations Mallory & Jake!  Love you both!!!



21 Apr

What’s up around Bennett Drive lately??  Not much….

** Button Boy started Sonshine Soccer…he loves it, of course…it makes for a busy Thursday afternoon….which is interesting!  Girly Girl goes to gymnastics at 4pm, Button Boy has soccer all the way across town at 5:15….Girly Girl gets out of gymnastics at 6pm, and I have to pick up Button Boy back all the way across town at 6:15….can you say lots of running…but I love taking care of my babies and them having fun!

** We got Girly Girl’s gymnastics schedule for the fall.  3 meets out of town (Gulf Shores -YIPEE, Mobile, and Birmingham) 4 meets in town…we really lucked out!!!!

** Girly Girl is looking forward to her first overnite camp this summer.  I’m trying too come to terms with the fact that she is old enough to go away to camp….Auburn Gymnastics camp watch out for Girly Girl!!!

** School lets out on May 18….finally!  But then the kids begin Summer Camp with my mom!!!  They love getting to spend the days with her!!

** Had a major cleaning morning this morning…everyone helped out and the house looks much better…still some work to be done, but at least I can breathe again!!!

**I’ve been missing my college roommates lately….don’t know why, but they have been on my heart….I really need to email them and let them know.

I think that is pretty much what is going on….just gearing up for the end of the school year and getting into the swing of summer!

Rattling Around My Brain…

2 Feb

So, lately I haven’t had much to blog about.  Not that things are going bad, they are just going steady, so nothing too much to say.  So, to get a blog post in, I thought I’d just give you, my one reader — Hey Mojo!, a glimpse inside my wee little brain…

My Girly Girl is in the fifth grade and I already don’t understand most of her math homework….oh my!  We are in trouble!  What happens when she gets to Algebra?!

Button Boy has found a love of video games.  He has always liked them, but he and Mojo are playing World of WarCraft (or in our house “WoW”)…and I am telling you, if you didn’t interrupt Button Boy he would forget about eating, sleeping, and playing outside!

We are loving our new home, but I didn’t realize how many trees that lose leaves we have….now I do!  We have leaves everywhere…If you know of someone with a leaf blower, please let me know!  🙂

Button Boy went to the new Eosiniphilic Esophagitis clinic in Birmgham at Children’s Hospital on January 9.  The protocol there is going to a little different than the protocol we have been following.  Instead of having a biopsy/EGD every 3 months, we will be having it every 6 months!  Yipee!  Less anesthesia and less stress on my boy!  Currently his diet is only limited by nuts and fish.  He is back on everything else along with an inhaled steroid that he swallows down his throat to coat his esophagus.

One of my dear friends is expecting her first baby, and I can’t be more excited for her and her dear hubby!  Love you, Kimberly and Thad!!!

Girly Girl now has gymnastics 3 times a week!  Friday nights are the worst, though….she goes from 4 – 7 and is absolultely pooped when she gets home!  But boy, it ruins a fun Friday night out for the rest of us, but we will survive…maybe we officially call Friday night “Mexican Night” since she doesn’t like Mexican food!

Speaking of gymnastics…Girly Girl and I have season tickets to Auburn gymnastics again this year….so far we have seen great meets against Georgia (we lost by 1.0 point) and the defending National Champions Alabama (we lost by .075 points).  Auburn is ranked 13th and so far is having a terrific season!  We compete against Florida in February…we are actually taking a friend of ours, who is a huge Florida fan, with us!  Should be fun!!!!

I guess you can see what is up in my life…my kids!  They are such a blessing to me and I am thankful that Mojo and I are lucky enough to be their parents….boy, I didn’t mean for this to get sappy…, but sometimes that happens!

Cake & Cupcake War

4 Dec

Girly Girl and a friend from school (I’ll call her Cupcake Friend) have decided that they will open a cupcake shoppe when they get older.  This has been discussed between the two of them for over a year!!

Today they both spent the day at my parent’s house having their own Cake & Cupcake War!!  They decorated cakes and made cupcakes and then had a mock Cupcake War between the two of them.  I don’t know who won, but the cupcakes will be making a trip to their classroom tomorrow to share!

Cake War 2011

The girls beginning to decorate their cakes.

Finished Cake War 2011

The finished cakes!!!!

Cupcake War 2011

Making cupcakes.

Cupcake War 2011

More making cupcakes.