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8 Jan

I have a new friend.  We met casually at church.  Her youngest daughter is the spitting image of my Button Boy’s “betrothed” Drama Girl.  Well, come to find out…she has a blog.  I have become a daily reader of her blog (she updates it almost daily…much more frequently than I do!).  Vicki is a SAHM (I still haven’t figured out why she named her blog “Not So SAHM”), she is a believer who leads her children and she  teaches them God’s truth.  She has been married 13 years to Du (I haven’t figured out if “Du” is a nickname or his given name…I am quite curious, though) and they are a military family, which means they move…a lot.  She home-schools her eldest daughter, which amazes me when anyone feels called to home-school, it is as important a decision as any in a parent’s or child’s life. 

In the last week or so, I have found out that she is moving in the next few months.  UGH!  The military!  I have grown up in Montgomery, and have had friends come and go over the many years and I am not finding it any easier as an adult.  I only have a few months to get to know Vicki better, face-to-face.  I know that our friendship will continue to grow in the next few months…and luckily, we will continue to grow our friendship over this wonderful anomaly of Bloggityville USA over the years to come! 

Please visit her blog…find out what a humorous and caring person she is.

Meet my friend, Vicki!

My friend & her family

My friend & her family