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…that Wonderful Weekend!

3 Oct

We totally surprised Button Boy this weekend!!  We told him that we would be going to Birmingham on Saturday and Sunday just for the weekend.  So, he had made these plans of going to the zoo and such…Little did he know!!!!  We actually drove to the middle of Georgia to stay the weekend with Button Boy’s bestestest friend.  It was classic…we drive up to their house, and Button Boy is wondering why we are at a house and not the zoo!  We get out of the van and walk up to the door (Mojo is telling him that it is a college friend of mine that we are coming to see — Button Boy is less than thrilled!)  The front door opens…and it is the Sister…then Laura (the mom)…then Bert (the dad) and finally Bestest Buddy Boy shows up and Button Boy is speechless!!!  We are all thrilled to see that the surprise worked!!

So, we spent the rest of Saturday outside on the porch while the kiddos swam…and the adults just talked…it was terrific!!! 

Sunday morning we went to the Robins Museum of Aviation and back to their house for Bestest Buddy Boy’s birthday party…more swimming!!!  The kids had a blast!

So, we had a wonderful weekend with NO PICTURES!!!  I know, I can’t belive it either, but Mojo forgot the camera!!!  Oh well, we have fond memories…and are hoping to see them on a semi-regular basis!!!

…this coming weekend should be loads of fun, too…we are headed to Orange Beach!!!  Yipee!!!!


Exciting Weekend Planned….

27 Sep

…and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it, but for now you’ll have to know that we are going to have a great time this weekend…I’ll hopefully post pictures after it is over!!!

Yip-ee!!!  Can’t wait for Saturday!!!

Eosiniphillic Esophagitis Clinical Trial…THE END

20 Mar

Button Boy has been on a Clinical Trial for Eosiniphillic Esophagitis since our initial visit to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in late August/early September of 2010.  The Trial is a double blind trial.  He got a confirmed diagnosis after his EGD and Impedence Probe…and was allowed into the study at that time.  He was given unmarked inhalers of Flovent (or placebo, we didn’t know until the second part of the trial) and asked to take 4 puffs (instead of inhaling them into his lungs, he swallowed the medication so it would coat his esophagus) in the morning and 4 puffs at night.  We desperately hoped that he was actually on the Flovent because after about a month of medication he began having the typical symptoms (for him) of being on a steriod.

We returned to Children’s in Cincinnati in December 2010 for his 3 month EGD.  When he had his EGD in August, one of the biopsies was counted to have over 235 eosiniphil cells (the cut off for the diagnosis of EoE <Eosiniphillic Esophagitis> is 24 eosiniphil cells)….the tech who read his biopsy was amazed!!!  This biopsy taken in December had 0 eosiniphil cells!!!!  ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA!!!!!  We were amazed and thrilled!!!!  Unfortunately, Button Boy has still been on a retricted diet (no Wheat, Eggs, Nuts, Fish or Cinnamon) but has gone down to 2 puffs in the morning and 2 puffs at night!  YIPEE!

His symptoms have decreased and seem to be, most of the time, non-existant!

We did find out that the first 3 months of the trial he was on the real Flovent.  We also knew that no matter what he was on during the first three months of the trial that the second three months he would definitely be on Flovent.

So, we are getting ready to return for his 3rd EGD as it is related to the trial. We are very hopeful that his biopsies come back at zero again.

Once again we are looking forward to seeing Dr. Shazad Saeed, he has been Button Boy’s doctor since he was 5 months old.  It is always so sweet to see such a familiar face in Cincinnati!!!  Mojo has taken a new picture of Button Boy to give to his doctors…it is one of the highlights of our time with our doctors to share a part of our family with them.

End of the Season…

7 Mar

Both of my kiddos wanted season tickets to Auburn Athletics for Christmas.  They told us that if they couldn’t have *anything* else (we had a very tight Christmas this past year) all they wanted were Gymnastics season tickets (Girly Girl and me) and Saturday SEC Package Basketball (Button Boy and Mojo).  So, what did they get?  Their respective season tickets…and #2 jerseys!  (CAM!) (btw, Mojo got a #2 jersey, also!)

Button Boy and Mojo had a lot of fun at their basketball games.  They got to see Auburn lose to Alabama, Vandy, LSU, and Arkansas, but he got to see them win against Mississippi State in a great comeback!  Button Boy really doesn’t care too much if they win or lose at this point.  He is just happy to be there cheering and eating stadium food!

Girly Girl and I have gotten to see Auburn win against LSU, Kentucky, and Pittsburgh…and lose against Arkansas.  We still have a meet against SEMO on the 11th.  Being season ticket holders, we also got invited to the end of season celebration.  John Roethlisberger, US Gymnastic Olympian 1992, 1996, & 2000, will be speaking.  Girly Girl is very excited about the opportunity to meet a real Gymnastic Olympian!!  I’ll have my camera ready, don’t worry! 

One thing I wanted to mention about the gymnastics team at Auburn…after every meet the Auburn gymnasts have come to the season ticket holder section and told the section thank you for supporting their sport.  I think it is an awesome small thing that makes Auburn Athletics so great!

I don’t know a lot about competitive gymnastics, but am learning…I really do believe that Jeff Graba did a great job this season…and look forward to many more!

I am very sad to see Rachel Innis leave this year.  She has been one of the shining stars over the last two seasons!  Her personality is so much fun, and she always makes time for the girls…all the girls, not just mine!  We love you, Rachel!

(…and the crowd goes wild!)

We are going to miss all the girls during the off-season…and can’t wait to see them next season!!!

Okay, I have a really bad crush….on Aubie!  I absolutely adore his fun personality and think he is absolutely adorable!!!!

A totally crazy crush…yes, HI, I’m addicted to Aubie!

What a cutie!

Now, onto the last autograph session…

We love you, Auburn Gymnasts!  Good luck at Regionals!

In the Beginning…

22 Feb


There is always a beginning, a middle and an end….always.  Whether in life, in a relationship or in a blog.  No, I am not leaving my blog.  I am not posting as much as I did at one time, but I am still around to give my takes on days, weeks, and even months and years in my family’s life.

Today I got to thinking about the beginning of this blog.  There was no rhyme or reason.  I just would write things that were on my mind or things that were going on.  Then I got on a cooking kick.  Trying new recipes and posting the end results…even getting together with a group of bloggers all trying the same Barefoot Contessa recipe in the same week.  A lot of those were very successful, but I am finding that right now, I need quick and easy…and Barefoot Contessa is not always quick and easy!

So, now basketball season for Button Boy is almost over…gymnastics is in full swing for Girly Girl…baseball season for the Montgomery Biscuits and Atlanta Braves will be here before you know it….along with the 100 degree dog days of summer.  Man, life just keeps on going!

We long to get home to the North Carolina mountains.  To show the kids Mount Mitchell and Grandfather Mountain, but everytime we get to Shelby, I don’t want to get in the car for another day of driving or riding…but we may have to next time.

We long to get to Atlanta to visit my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Gail.  We always have a wonderful time with them…and Button Boy loves to get into the woodshop at Uncle Johnny’s house to build stuff….last time it was a wooden boat!

Button Boy and I will travel to Cincinnati again in March for his next EGD at Children’s Hospital.  He has been on the lower dose of Flovent since December and hopefully these biopsies will show the same improvement as the last ones and we can begin to slowly add back some of the restricted food he has been off of….you know, Wheat, Egg, Nuts, Fish and Cinnamon.

Girly Girl is an amazingly bright child.  She is 10 years old and in the 4th grade, but she is learning things that I didn’t learn until I was in high school.  She loves school, loves her teacher (as she has every year at CCCA), loves her friends, and loves learning.  It is amazing to hear her recite what she has learned.  We pray that her enthusiasm continues over the next few years when school get more tough.

Button Boy enjoys school, but doesn’t want anyone to know it!  He adores his classmates, loves his teacher, and really loves reading!  He constantly asks if he can go to Books A Million and buy a book or two….and most of the time we allow him to, but now he is running out of room of places to put them.  Guess we’ll have to find a new bookshelf for his room!

I hope that the next few months sees our family doing a lot of activities together and taking loads of pictures and video to share with our friends and family who read this to keep up with us!

Keep checkin’ in…you never know what you’ll find!

Auburn VIP Tiger of the MEET!!

26 Jan

Girly Girl was chosen as the VIP Tiger of the Meet, sponsored by Academy Sports & Outdoor, for the first Auburn Gymnastics meet.  She had a blast, and was allowed to take Tom Boy Girl and Drama Girl on the floor with her.  It was such a special time, and I didn’t even have my camera!  BFF E did, though…so I did get some pictures!

Auburn Marketing just finished uploading her video to YouTube, and to top it off, they put it to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus (it is Girly Girl’s favorite song!)….so, go…watch….cheer…


–and as soon as Mojo gets me some video and pics from the Championship Celebration, I’ll get them posted!

2011 Auburn Gymnastics has Begun!

9 Jan

Auburn had their first gymnastics meet for the 2011 Collegiate season this past Friday night.  We were not present *only* because it was out of town at Iowa State.  Beginning the season, Auburn was ranked No. 13 and Iowa State was ranked No. 22, but as with other sports, home “field” advantage makes a difference in these meets.  Auburn lost the meet by less than 1 point.

BFF's E & E @ Toomer's!

BFF's E & E

Girly Girl and I have our season tickets ready for the home meets.  Once again, we will be going with my BFF “E” and her two daughters, Tom Boy Girl and Drama Girl.  We will also be spending some of the season with one of my sisters, KB and my sweet niece Squirrel Girl!  We love Auburn….football, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, baseball…you name it….we love it!

With that being said…tomorrow is the most important day in Auburn football since 1957….our chance at a National Championship.  We will be watching with BFF “E” and her girls (and we hope her Alabama fan dh, J&P) and we will probably be dining on Fried “Duck” and some snacks and sweets!