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Nothing New

9 Mar

There really has been nothing new going on in our lives to write about, so, I thought I’d write about nothing.

Girly Girl has struggled since early Fall with wrist problems related to gymnastics. She did not compete all of last season due to this injury…so, she came to us in December and said she was ready to quit gymnastics because her wrist hurt everytime she came home from practice (to the point of her crying every practice day) and she felt like she needed to work on her grades at school (she had been struggling in Latin). Her last practice was in January — we are officially out of gymnastics. Her grades have seen some improvement and she has turned into a real “tween” and spends most of her time texting her friends…we have to find something for her to do!!!!

Button Boy spent the fall playing Upward Flag Football. It was the first time Frazer had offered it and he jumped at the chance to play. In the beginning of the season he couldn’t catch the football…by the end of the season he was able to catch it and continue running some. He made great improvements!!!

After Christmas Button Boy played Upward Basketball…his favorite! He did very well, even though I don’t think he made a basket all season…he didn’t get frustrated, he just kept his calm and worked every minute of playing time he got.

Button Boy thinks his next sport to take part in will be karate. We are waiting for Spring Break and then will register for that.

For Christmas Button Boy and Mojo got season tickets to Auburn Basketball again. They have thoroughly enjoyed the Da-Da/son time it has given them even though the basketball team sucked! Girly Girl and I decided to go to Auburn Gymnastics again this season, but we didn’t buy season tickets. We have enjoyed the time together….I truly hope that the kids look back on these times and remember them fondly.

Button Boy has not had another EGD since this summer, we plan on having one sometime in March. He has been getting his swallowed FloVent even though he still has some coughing (we think this is part of his EoE). If his next EGD results come back favorable we will be adding Nuts back into his diet….he can’t wait to have a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!!!

Mojo and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on December 20! It is hard to believe we have been married 15 years…most of those years have been great…but like every marriage we have had our trials. God has blessed us richly!!!

We have several things that we are looking forward to this summer including a trip to Tallahassee, FL, for my college roommate’s wedding and a trip to Sevierville, TN, for a family reunion.

That is our update for now…Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post soon so everyone can see how much Girly Girl & Button Boy have grown!!!



Forever Friends!!!!

28 Apr

I have missed Homecoming at Troy for at least 14 years.  The last time I went I was living in Tallahassee and it was before I met Mojo.  I have never really had too much of a desire to go until the last few years when more and more of my friends from the Sound of the South began going.

Well, this year I wanted to go so badly.  My dh wasn’t really feelin’ the TSU Sound of the South love…so we stayed at home and hosted our annual Auburn/Georgia game!

My sorority sister and her husband (who happens to be a frat brother of ours) and their three kiddos stopped in Montgomery the day after Homecoming and had lunch with us at my parent’s house.  If you are wondering how my parent’s got sucked into this…they are Chuck’s Godparent’s!  Yep, while Chuck and Anna lived in Wetumpka, my parent’s adopted them!

Mojo took some terrific pictures of me, Chuck and Anna by my Daddy’s Koi Pond. (which I don’t have, Mojo!  <hint-hint>)  He also took some terrific pictures of the kiddos….their two girls and Girly Girl loved playing with one another!  I really think that if Button Boy and their son had another hour together, they would have been inseparable.

I love my forever friends….sorority sisters and frat brothers! College was such a great fun time in my life!

I think this year, I *will* go to Homecoming….now, if I can just find a ride….maybe the Kiefriters will stop through and pick me and Girly Girl up!!!


18 Dec

We were just in Cincinnati, OH, for another round of testing for Button Boy at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  While we were there they had a snow the likes that we had never experienced!  The white powder was just that…..powder!  It was so powdery that it would not make into snowballs!  They just fell apart!

We loved getting to play in the snow!  We stayed in Covington, KY, and were right on the river across from Cincinnati.  Cincinnati covered in snow was just beautiful!!

We had requested a meeting with Dr. Mark Rothenberg who is the lead researcher on the EoE Flovent Trial that Button Boy has been on the last three months.  Dr. Rothenberg was a wealth of information and we were happy to get to meet him and have him meet Button Boy.  We felt strongly about him putting a face with Button Boy’s file. 

Button Boy’s surgery was on Monday afternoon.  He was apprehensive and worried, as usual.  He had Spike the rhino (he got him before another surgery at Children’s Birmingham), who is Strong and Courageous, to take with him into the operating room, but he decided that since Spike was from CHS-Birminham that he needed a special stuffed friend from Cincinnati Children’s.  We took him down to the gift store and he found Cobbler the kitty and Little the hamster (with a Santa hat) to take with Spike.  He was happy with his new friends!  Once he got his “joy juice” (Versed) he relaxed tremendously.

Dr. Saeed, Dr. Franciosi, Bridget (she is our contact in the clinical trial), and Angie all came to see us.  It was such a blessing to be able to hug Dr. Saeed and tell him how much we miss him!  He has been such a great doctor, and we are thrilled to be able to keep in touch with him.  We also let Dr. Franciosi and Bridget know that they have been “assimilated” into our family….they are taking care of my baby, and therefore are a part of our family!

After finishing the procedure, Dr.Franciosi met us in a conference room to discuss what he saw.  He was very pleased to tell us that Button Boy’s esophagus looked better….much better!  He was very careful to tell us that just because it looks better does not mean that the biopsies would reflect that.

The rest of our stay was pretty uneventful…the kiddos were tired of being cooped up in the hotel, but it was 12 degrees outside, and no one wanted to go out in that!

We spent Tuesday night in Nashville, which is where one of my college roommates lives with her dh and cutie pie son!  We met them at Rutiers, one of Jimmy Buffet’s top 10 Cheeseburgers in Paradise!  It was such a sweet time to get to visit with CJ and AW (another friend from college)…I miss them so much!

I have been blessed beyond belief with a terrific and supportive family (I have been having anxiety attacks when it is time to do any traveling) and friends that are caring and loving through thick and thin! 

Oh, we did get the results from Button Boy’s biopsies Thursday evening.  The eosiniphil count (which back in August was over 235) was ZERO!!  The Flovent has done what we were hoping it would do!  Now, we begin the second phase of the trial, we are halving his dosage.  We will be returning to Cincinnati in roughly 12 weeks to repeat the EGD and biopsies to see how the lower dosage controls the EoE.


First Annual Jones Family Apple Pickin’ Trip!!!

9 Nov

Button Boy Excited about Apple Pickin'!!!!....and the tractor ride!


Kiddos & Uncle KK Pickin' Apples!


Button Boy's Apple


Girly Girl's AppleTwist -- Don' Pull!!!

We had so much fun at our first Annual Apple Pickin’ for the JONES CLAN!  We all road together in one 15 passenger van!  It was a terrific time! Girly Girl & Button Boy picked so many apples, that we brought some home to give to friend’s!
This is just the  beginning of the day…..more to come!  You can Count on it!!

Finding a New Passion

8 Apr

I have many passions in my life. 

I have a passion for God & His Word.  That passion needs no rekindling.  It is a passion that I struggle with….with other things overshadowing its importance.

I have a passion for my family.  My husband, who I truly believe God brought into my life at the perfect time.  God has given us the struggles and triumphs in His own perfect timing…we will never know why, nor will we doubt the reasons. 

I have a passion for my children.  I love my babies, and they will always be my babies.  I get made fun of for trying to keep my children young….for trying to keep Girly Girl in bishop dresses and big collars with a bow in her hair.  Trying to keep Button Boy in smocked rompers and barefooted.

I have a passion for friends.  I have some terrific friends.  I have to say, FaceBook has been a great thing to rekindle old friendships.  Mojo doesn’t like FaceBook as much as I do, but we also had totally different experiences in high school and college.  Through FaceBook, I have found a friend from the 5th grade!  I have reestablished some terrific friendships from Capitol Heights and Robert E. Lee….from my summers at Blue Ridge Leaders School….from Troy State, the Sound of the South and Tau Beta Sigma.

I could make this post extremely long by going through each and every thing in my life that I have passion for…but this is about a new passion….

I am finding that I have a new passion for COOKING

By the way I have always struggled with my weight, you would think I have always loved to cook.  But that isn’t true.  My mom cooked, but she cooked simple meals…and I was a terribly finicky eater!  I never really was interested in learning to cook.  When I got into college and lived with my brother, we cooked simple meals.  Chicken fingers, spaghetti….those types of simple meals.  When I moved to Tallahassee with my two best friends, we cooked, but nothing complex.  Chrissy was the best cook of the 3 of us.  CJ’s specialty was BBQ Chicken & Yellow Rice (Girly Girl loves this meal, and calls it Aunt Charla Chicken & Rice!).  My specialty…hmmm…I don’t think I had one!

After Mojo and I got married, I got made fun of by him and his sister (my darlin’ sweet sister-in-law with whom I share a first name and maiden name!) about two cooking stories…cooking stories where I am the chef and things don’t go exactly by the recipe.  I accept my right to take the 5th….and may at some point in my life, tell those stories.

I have enjoyed grilling out…and have been able to cook very simple meals.  I can read a recipe, and follow it.

My Menu Plans over the past month have had more complex meals on them than I have ever really cooked.  I have made a very good Mac-N-Cheese by Martha Stewart.  I have made a stuffed chicken recipe that I saw on a Rachael Ray show.  The Parmesan & Thyme Crackers I made from Pennies on a Platter, were terrific and I’ve made them more than once!

All of this said, I am joining two online food blogger groups. 


Cookie Carnival

Cookie Carnival

Once a month a cookie is assigned, and during the month you cook it, blog about it and post a picture.  I can do that!  I am actually looking forward to it….I am going to attempt to do as many of the cookies egg-free for Button Boy!  That way, he can enjoy them with the rest of us!


Barefoot Blogger

Barefoot Blogger

The Barefoot Contessa has a group of bloggers that remake two recipes a month.  On the specified date, you blog about the recipe with pictures.  I ♥ The Barefoot Contessa’s Food Network show….and she has a new one beginning, along with her new cookbook.  Ina Garten’s recipes have always intimidated me, but she is a stickler for measuring, and I am too…(one of the reasons I haven’t tried Nellie’s Chicken & Dumplin’s!)…So, I am going to attempt the Barefoot Bloggers group!

Here’s to the new passion of cooking….and hoping the new passion of “eating my cooking” comes to my family!!!!


Compare The Pictures! It Is AMAZING!!!

18 Feb
November 2008

November 2008


February 2009

February 2009

Read the post below and then look at these pictures.  Less than 3 months apart, and you can see the difference, right?! 

 Isn’t it AMAZING?!

2009 — What to Expect?

1 Jan

As most people do at this time of the year, I have been contemplating the new year — 2009.  Wow!  I was born in 1971….I graduated from high school in 1990…I graduated from college in 1994…I met my future husband in 1996 and we were married in 1997.  We celebrated the “beginning of the new millennium” in 2000, only to find out that it really began in 2001??  (or something like that).  I gave birth to my daughter, Girly Girl, in 2000.  We moved from North Carolina to Alabama, 5 weeks after she was born, in 2000.  I gave birth to my son, Button Boy, in 2003….2003 and 2004 are a blur of hospital stays, surgeries on Button Boy and serious illnesses for Girly Girl.  2005, I had gastric bypass that changed my life…2006, did I actually do anything in 2006???  2007 was the year of plastic surgery….and 2008, well, I’m lucky to have made it through in one piece!




There are a few things I would love to see happen in 2009.

I would like to simplify my life.  I feel like we have absorbed the world more than I ever meant to.  My small little family has lost it’s sight of what is really important.  Simplicity is where I feel like we need to be.  I would like to put our emphasis back on our Lord and Saviour, first and foremost.  I would like for my husband and children to see me a wife and mother of God’s Word.

 …women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.  Titus 2:4-5

I have failed miserably as a wife and a mother…and it is my prayer to return to God’s Word, diligently…daily.  To not sit idly by and watch this life that God has blessed me with just go by without living by grace through the faith He has blessed me with.

I would like to be a better friend and accountability partner with my sisters in Christ.  I have let them down in that past year by not following through with commitments, by not holding them accountable to God’s Word and by not staying in God’s Word myself.  I pray that they will forgive me (EBD & MMM)….and I pray that I can recommit myself to them.  (an aside to them personally, I have talked with Mojo about having some more time to renew and recommit to our friendships.  I love you both dearly!)

Those two things, being enormous and overwhelming for myself to admit to and commit to, are where I hope to work to during 2009. 

2009 is a very promising year….as most new year’s are…., but it holds so much more for me.  I have the hope, faith, trust, love and support of my family and friends….but especially my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.