7 Years Ago…

30 Oct

… we were at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham with Girly Girl.  She had been sick for about a week with constant runny stools that smelled to high heaven and was so weak she couldn’t pick her head up from her pillow.  They tested her for many things, and finally came to the conclusion she had salmonella….then found out it had moved into her bloodstream, which can be fatal.

You know you have a very sick little girl when you are in the ER and they are putting an IV in and she doesn’t really have the strength to cry.  It was so scary to know just how sick she was.

We had taken the kids to the Pumpkin Patch in Clanton, AL, the week before.  We had a wonderful time, riding the hay ride, picking out pumpkins, feeding the animals and so much more, but little did we know that we would come home and within 72 hours have a sick little girl.  We can actually, in our minds, trace the salmonella back to the trip to the Pumpkin Patch because 2 other children that went to Montessori Academy with Girly Girl and were at the Pumpkin Patch the same weekend came down with salmonella, also.

Anyway, after two or three days of fever and terrible “pottys” we saw the pediatrician and had a stool sample that confirmed salmonella.  They chose to let the salmonella just run its course, because most of the time it will just get better.  We “evacuated” Button Boy to my parent’s house because he was on his G-Tube feedings and could not afford to get the salmonella and lose any weight.

One night when Girly Girl’s fever reached 105, Mojo and I got her in the van and were ready to head to Children’s Hospital when the doctor called and said not to, just to come in the next day and let them check her again.  That is when they finally did the blood culture.  The blood culture did show the salmonella in her bloodstream which meant she needed to be on IV antibiotics, so off to Children’s Hospital we went.

We are old pro’s when it comes to Children’s Hospital.  We have (had) a favorite nurse….a favorite doctor and knew which floor to request….and we did all three!!!  We were on floor 7 NW, which at that time was considered the “Penthouse” of the hospital since it was newly renovated…and it just happened to be where Trisha (our favorite nurse) worked.  We called to the GI clinic to let Dr. Saeed (our favorite Dr., Button Boy’s GI specialist) know that we were there and why….and even though we were not under his care he came by to see us several times while we were there for 10 days!  He is such a blessing!

10 long days.  10 long days of them coming in at 5 am to draw blood….each day she got stronger (Praise God!) and she could fight more!…by the end of the week it was taking a nurse or two and me to be able to hold her down to get the blood drawn.  10 long days of being away from Mojo.  10 long days of being away from Button Boy.  just 10 long hospital days, which are longer than normal days, really.

She made it through though.  In the very beginning it was scary, but after the first 24 hours, when we began to see some improvement, it was less and less scary….but it leaves a scar.  Now anytime I hear someone mention salmonella I immediately relive the panic & fear.

Our pediatrician has said that in his 20+ years of practice that this was his 1st case of salmonella in the bloodstream.  It is very rare.  But when you get it, it is very dangerous.  I am so very thankful for the medical treatment that we have available to us now….because without it, we wouldn’t still have Girly Girl.



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