Neither Here Nor There

26 Oct

1.  Girly Girl’s gymnastics meet was great!  She bested (is that even a word?) her balance beam score which was a 9.325 to a 9.6 and her vault score which was an 8.8 to a 9.3.  So, it made the whole missing-school-worrying-about-make-up-work-and-unexcused-absences worthwhile in my humble opinion….but I didn’t hear you ask.

2.  Button Boy is going to be playing basketball again this winter.  He is super excited…I am too, except that last year there were too many 8 am and 9 am Saturday basketball games for my taste….I **need** my beauty sleep….desperately!

3.  Troy Homecoming….Here I Come!  ‘Nuff Said.  (Girly Girl, too!)

4.  Auburn vs. Ole Miss — Me and Mojo!  I’ll post pictures over the weekend!!!  I can’t wait…our first Auburn game this season!!!!

5.  UPCOMING POST….pictures of our new home….if I can get off my lazy be-hind and take the pictures!!!



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