The Latest in Our EoE World

19 Jul

Button Boy had his quarterly EGD at the end of June.  This time we only had to travel to Birmingham to have it performed instead of Cincinnati, OH.  It was definitely easier on us!!  Button Boy still had anxiety about it, but I mean, really, who doesn’t get anxious when you are having any procedure done.  The major problem was that we could not find Spike the Strong and Courageous Rhino.  Spike was a gift from the Child Life Specialist at Children’s in Birmingham before one of Button Boy’s procedures…he was quite anxious, didn’t want to take his Versed and was crying….the Child Life Specialist came in with Spike and told Button Boy that Spike had enough courage and strength for both of them…and Spike has been in every procedure and doctor’s appointment since….until this one.  We had a lot of tears over not being able to locate Spike, but luckily we were able to find Jungle, the steadfast and diligent monkey.  Jungle was happy to pinch hit for Spike!!  Thank goodness!!!

The pictures from this EGD are very promising.  They show absolutely no furrows and no thickening!!!  We should have the biopsy results back any day — we are very hopeful that they still show ZERO Eosiniphils…if that is the case, we will add back egg to Button Boy’s diet.  That means he can have waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, cake, cupcakes, brownies, cheesecake….do I need to go on????  He has missed so many foods over the last year and three months, but I wouldn’t change a thing if it means we have some answers as to what may be causing his eating/feeding issues….that has been a lifelong struggle for him.

Baby steps are what we are willing to take if we have to….we do whatever we have to while making sure Button Boy is getting the food he can have and the nutrition he needs!!!!!


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