Boys Will Be Boys

16 Jul

Button Boy has a best friend.  I have blogged about his family before.  They are a military family that were stationed here in Montgomery while the dad was in school at Maxwell AFB.  From the moment the two boys met, they were inseparable!

Button Boy had his last Endoscope in Cincinnati on March 21st.  Because of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, and *mostly* because of the Nuclear Reactor problems and possibilities of radiation in the food or milk, this family decided to come back to the states for a while.  We are not sure how long they will be in the states, but how fortunate that they were right off of I-65, which is the way we go to and from Cincinnati! <since writing this and seeing the Jean family, they have returned to Japan, but I still wanted to post this, it just took a lot longer to play with the pictures!!!>

We stopped and visited the Jean Farm.  It is such a lovely place!  22 acres of beautiful land that Mr. Jean, at the age of 86, tends to.  He has made additions to the family homestead as needed….it is so much fun to walk through and see what he has done with his own two hands!  He is now in the process of constructing an Arbor House with no help…or very little help!

When the Jean’s left Montgomery, Button Boy and Best Buddy Boy said that they would always be best friends.  We Skype every once in a while and the boys love it!  Of course, in these types of friendships you never know when you will see someone again, but you keep a special place in your heart for them.  But, seeing the boys together again after being apart for so long just reaffirmed to me that these boys **will** be friends forever!

The Jean’s have now returned to Japan, and unfortunately,  our schedule did not allow us to get to Kentucky again before they left, but I have no doubt that we will see them again!!!  The Jean family, Bert & Laura, and the kids have made a special place in our hearts.  Our lives have been enriched by knowing and loving this sweet family!!!

we love and miss you,

Jean Family!!!


One Response to “Boys Will Be Boys”

  1. Sis July 16, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    HOW CUTE! I love kids at that age and how cute they are!

    What a sweet story, I’m so glad you posted it!

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