Forever Friends!!!!

28 Apr

I have missed Homecoming at Troy for at least 14 years.  The last time I went I was living in Tallahassee and it was before I met Mojo.  I have never really had too much of a desire to go until the last few years when more and more of my friends from the Sound of the South began going.

Well, this year I wanted to go so badly.  My dh wasn’t really feelin’ the TSU Sound of the South love…so we stayed at home and hosted our annual Auburn/Georgia game!

My sorority sister and her husband (who happens to be a frat brother of ours) and their three kiddos stopped in Montgomery the day after Homecoming and had lunch with us at my parent’s house.  If you are wondering how my parent’s got sucked into this…they are Chuck’s Godparent’s!  Yep, while Chuck and Anna lived in Wetumpka, my parent’s adopted them!

Mojo took some terrific pictures of me, Chuck and Anna by my Daddy’s Koi Pond. (which I don’t have, Mojo!  <hint-hint>)  He also took some terrific pictures of the kiddos….their two girls and Girly Girl loved playing with one another!  I really think that if Button Boy and their son had another hour together, they would have been inseparable.

I love my forever friends….sorority sisters and frat brothers! College was such a great fun time in my life!

I think this year, I *will* go to Homecoming….now, if I can just find a ride….maybe the Kiefriters will stop through and pick me and Girly Girl up!!!

One Response to “Forever Friends!!!!”

  1. theworldofmojo April 29, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

    Emily you know I suffer from social anxiety to an extent plus why would I want to stand there looking stupid while y’all rehash past events that I would have no knowledge of and therefore no way to contribute to the conversation. Finally NOTHING comes above the Auburn game!!!

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