Whaz Up, Doc?!

20 Apr

What’s going on in our lives?? Not much really. Just the same ol’, same ol’! Get up, get ready, get kids ready, make lunches, fix breakfast, get kids to school, go to work….take a breath….pick kids up from school, then either soccer, gymnastics, work or clean house, make dinner, eat dinner, get baths & homework, get kiddos in ‘namies, get kids to bed, get in my ‘namies, clean kitchen while watchin’ some NetFlix with Mojo, go to bed…finally!

Girly Girl is still doing gymnastics. She loves it, and honestly, I love watching her compete! I don’t know how long we will be on this track, but right now, it is a great thing!

Button Boy is playing Sonshine Soccer at FUMC. He is really enjoying it, and we are seeing improvement in his coordination on the field and his endurance. He is also handling wheat back in his diet, so far!!!

Mojo is doing great, too. He works, he looks at his photography groups on the internet and comes up with ideas for the kids to do certain poses and what not. He still watches his old t.v. shows with Girly Girl on Friday nights, and they love that special time together!!!

Now, this Sunday is a special celebration in the lives of Christians. Thursday night is the night Jesus was taken from the Garden of Gethsemane — He had been betrayed by Judas. Friday is the celebration his crucifixion. It is odd to say that we celebrate Christ’s death, but we know the reality of the Resurrection on what we celebrate as Resurrection Sunday. The Son of God was brought to Earth to ultimately die on a cross to save everyone (see John 3:16 & 17) who have faith in Him.

My prayer is that we take the next 4 days very seriously in our walk with Christ. That we meditate about the meaning of these events. That they draw me and you closer to God…knowing that he ordained Christ’s crucifixion from the beginning of time. God’s plan was carried out perfectly. Praise God for the Son, for His birth and His death….but most of all, for the Resurrection!!!


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