More 80’s Music

11 Apr

More 80’s music….I wonder how many posts I can get out of 80’s music???  How about Movie Themes?

My dh **loves** the movie Dirty Dancing!  (hee-hee!)….but I do believe this is an iconic 80’s song!

My mother loves this…the Love Theme to St. Elmo’s Fire


Pretty In Pink…I love Andrew McArthy!

Not be to confused with the “Rat Pack”…the “Brat Pack” is the iconic group of actors….that means, the Breakfast Club!

Last but not least….one of my favorite 80’s movies — TOP GUN!

….and of course Berlin’s great “Take My Breath Away”….it makes me melt…truly!

….wonder if I can get past music of the 80’s?!  I do love the music of the 80’s so much!!!!


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