Emily Dodenhoff Boyette, My Meme

15 Mar

My Great Aunt Meme

My Great Aunt Meme passed away very suddenly this morning around 5am.  To say that she loved the Lord was such an understatement!  For as long as I can remember, she loved reading and studying about God’s Word and in God’s Word.  Her library is pretty amazing for a little old lady!  She and Mojo enjoyed discussing the finer points of God’s Word and theology…there were many times that she would tell Mojo to take this book or that book because she wanted him to read something that she knew would interest him as much as it did her.

To say that Meme loved my family is such an understatement.  My daddy’s parents died while I was still young, and my Aunt Meme took the place of my Big Momma.  She was as much a GrandMother to me as my MeMommy was.

Meme loved my kiddos, too.  Just like they were her very own Great-Grandchildren!  She would always tell Girly Girl that she was “the most beautiful girl in all the world!”  (which we *all* know is true, anyways!)  And Button Boy made her laugh just by being in the room.

Some of my favorite memories of Meme were her stories!  She could spin a tale like no one else!  For her 89th birthday, my cousin’s wife, Mary Margaret, took one of her most beloved stories (The Cat with the Purple Tail) and had it put in book form with some lovely illustrations!  For her birthday, she sat down and read it to all of the “great grandchildren”, their parents and the parent’s parents!  It was such a sweet time, and what a terrific memory for my kids….they are old enough that they will remember such a special moment!

God called His servant home.  I know that it is a sad time…I will miss her tremendously!  But, I am also praising God for Meme’s life…and those many people that she touched and was able to witness to over her 89 years!!

I love you, Meme!


2 Responses to “Emily Dodenhoff Boyette, My Meme”

  1. Cindy Jenkins March 18, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    I am the Director for the Assisted Living where Ms. Boyette lived. I very much enjoyed reading your blog about her. Although I only knew her a few months, she made a deep impression on me. She was a very helful, observant and loving person. She would often come into my office just to talk. She would always look after the less fortunate residents. You could often find Ms. Boyette with a smile on her face and a kind word from her heart. I will miss her greatly!! Cindy

  2. charla March 22, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    I’m so sorry! I remember you talking about her often.

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