End of the Season…

7 Mar

Both of my kiddos wanted season tickets to Auburn Athletics for Christmas.  They told us that if they couldn’t have *anything* else (we had a very tight Christmas this past year) all they wanted were Gymnastics season tickets (Girly Girl and me) and Saturday SEC Package Basketball (Button Boy and Mojo).  So, what did they get?  Their respective season tickets…and #2 jerseys!  (CAM!) (btw, Mojo got a #2 jersey, also!)

Button Boy and Mojo had a lot of fun at their basketball games.  They got to see Auburn lose to Alabama, Vandy, LSU, and Arkansas, but he got to see them win against Mississippi State in a great comeback!  Button Boy really doesn’t care too much if they win or lose at this point.  He is just happy to be there cheering and eating stadium food!

Girly Girl and I have gotten to see Auburn win against LSU, Kentucky, and Pittsburgh…and lose against Arkansas.  We still have a meet against SEMO on the 11th.  Being season ticket holders, we also got invited to the end of season celebration.  John Roethlisberger, US Gymnastic Olympian 1992, 1996, & 2000, will be speaking.  Girly Girl is very excited about the opportunity to meet a real Gymnastic Olympian!!  I’ll have my camera ready, don’t worry! 

One thing I wanted to mention about the gymnastics team at Auburn…after every meet the Auburn gymnasts have come to the season ticket holder section and told the section thank you for supporting their sport.  I think it is an awesome small thing that makes Auburn Athletics so great!

I don’t know a lot about competitive gymnastics, but am learning…I really do believe that Jeff Graba did a great job this season…and look forward to many more!

I am very sad to see Rachel Innis leave this year.  She has been one of the shining stars over the last two seasons!  Her personality is so much fun, and she always makes time for the girls…all the girls, not just mine!  We love you, Rachel!

(…and the crowd goes wild!)

We are going to miss all the girls during the off-season…and can’t wait to see them next season!!!

Okay, I have a really bad crush….on Aubie!  I absolutely adore his fun personality and think he is absolutely adorable!!!!

A totally crazy crush…yes, HI, I’m addicted to Aubie!

What a cutie!

Now, onto the last autograph session…

We love you, Auburn Gymnasts!  Good luck at Regionals!


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