2011 Auburn Gymnastics has Begun!

9 Jan

Auburn had their first gymnastics meet for the 2011 Collegiate season this past Friday night.  We were not present *only* because it was out of town at Iowa State.  Beginning the season, Auburn was ranked No. 13 and Iowa State was ranked No. 22, but as with other sports, home “field” advantage makes a difference in these meets.  Auburn lost the meet by less than 1 point.

BFF's E & E @ Toomer's!

BFF's E & E

Girly Girl and I have our season tickets ready for the home meets.  Once again, we will be going with my BFF “E” and her two daughters, Tom Boy Girl and Drama Girl.  We will also be spending some of the season with one of my sisters, KB and my sweet niece Squirrel Girl!  We love Auburn….football, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, baseball…you name it….we love it!

With that being said…tomorrow is the most important day in Auburn football since 1957….our chance at a National Championship.  We will be watching with BFF “E” and her girls (and we hope her Alabama fan dh, J&P) and we will probably be dining on Fried “Duck” and some snacks and sweets!


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