4 1/2 Days to Go!!!!

6 Jan

I am so excited about Monday night!  I know that you two that are reading this are not amazed that my Auburn Crazy family is excited about an Auburn Football game…especially one that has National Championship in the title!!!

Button Boy and Mojo are also 6 pack SEC Basketball ticket holders again this season.  So, Saturday night is game number 2 for them at the new Auburn Arena!  They are also excited about the giveaway for the first 1,000 fans!  They are leaving for Auburn extra early to make sure they get there to be in that first 1,000 crowd!

It has been loads of fun to watch Cam Newton play this season.  It reminds me of the days of Bo Jackson at Auburn and Siran Stacy at Alabama (they are both still my favorite players — yes, I had a favorite player at Alabama!)….I could even say Payton Manning at Tennessee (even though I refuse to cheer for TN!), Danny Wuerfel at Florida (ditto on the refusing to cheer), and Warrick Dunn at Florida State (I was at Florida State while he was there!)….there are some terrific players from the past years, but Cam Newton has the potential to pass them all.  He is just plain fun to watch!  He loves what he is doing and you can see how happy he is every time he is on the field!

So, War Eagle!  Go Tigers!  Run it and Pass it, Cam!


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