She’s Double Digits!

23 Oct


For Girly Girl’s birthday we travelled to Milford, Ohio, where the Sugar Cupcakery is located.  The Sugar Cupcakery was on Cupcake Wars!

When we made our plans for Cincinnati, we knew we would be up there for her birthday, and we really wanted to make the day special for her.  So, when her request was to go to the Sugar Cupcakery because it had been on Cupcakes Wars — we said — YES! 

She was so excited to be there!  Girly Girl, Button Boy and I went into the kitchen for her to get a close look at what a commercial bakery would be like….she loved it!  One of the cooks was there trying a new flavor of cupcake — it was Cayanne Pepper and Vanilla.  I dipped my finger into the batter, and it was good, but it did have a KICK! 

We tried a multitude of cupcakes….vanilla bean, raspberry and vanilla, lemon ginger, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate truffle and others that I honestly can’t remember.  It was a wonderful experience…and the girl that I had talked to about Girly Girl getting to walk into their kitchen to see everything was there….so, Girly Girl got to have her picture made with her, and she got a sugar cupcakery coffee cup! 

We were hoping for a t-shirt, but they didn’t have any….

Happy Birthday, Girly Girl!  You have been such a blessing to us!  Your Daddy and I love you very much!

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