FINALLY!!! A Post About Friday in Cincinnati!

22 Oct

It has been almost two months since we returned from Cincinnati, and so much has been going on….I apologize for not updating much, much sooner!

Friday was the day we were expecting all of the answers to be passed onto us.  We went to the allergy clinic expecting to meet with Dr. Abonia, but quickly found out that was not going to happen.  Dr. Abonia had left town, even though he had told us that he would be in the clinic to give us the results of the patch test and let us know what direction we would go in.  So, no Dr. Abonia, no results, no direction.  VERY FRUSTRATING! 

We met with Bridget, who is in charge of the Flovent Trial with Dr. Rothenberg, after hearing from one of Dr. Abonia’s associates that Button Boy has no allergic reactions on either the 75 pricks the placed on his arm or the 30 patches they placed on his back!  Bridget said that Button Boy is the perfect candidate for the Flovent Study.  We were still overwhelmed with the news that Button Boy has NO ALLERGIES!  How can you have Eosiniphil cells in the numbers that he has them and not have ANY ALLERGIES!!!  UGH!

So, we met with Bridget and got the information about the Trial, and were so overwhelmed that we could not make such a huge decision (effecting the next 7 – 9 months of our lives) that day.  Mojo and I needed to be able to discuss it some more….talk with my parents….and with Girly Girl, because it will effect her life as much as the rest of us.

So, we left Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as lost as we were when we arrived.  No answers as to why Button Boy has not eaten well since he was 5 weeks old…why food was effecting him this way, but has no allergies….why we need to keep a child 7 years old on a diet that prevents him from eating foods that he loves (i.e. eggs) and put him through 6 – 7 months of a medication that he has already used and saw no results from. 

After the meetings with the doctors, we left Children’s Hospital Cincinnati…saying good-bye to Bridget, who we have come to like….and good-bye to Dr. Saeed.  Before we left Dr. Saeed, he gave us all gifts!  My mom & dad, and Mojo & I received Chidlren’s Cincinnati key chains…he gave Button Boy a Cincinnati Children’s baseball cap, and Girly Girl a Cincinnati Children’s t-shirt!  We do love him so much!

Button Boy had been such a trooper all week, that we gave him the option of eating *anywhere* he wanted to lunch.  No restrictions.  No diet.  Just whatever food he wanted!

His choice — WHITE CASTLE!  So, we went to White Castle!  He loved it!  He had a White Castle Burger, french fries, and a Coca-Cola!  He loved it so much…as did the rest of us. 

After enjoying our lunch, we headed to King’s Island Amusement Park.  It was Button Boy’s choice of where to go, and what to do first.  It was a beautiful day…and we rode the haunted house game ride more times than I could count!  Girly Girl got to ride as many of the roller coasters as she wanted.  Mojo got to spend part of the day with both kiddos…as did I.  It was such a  sweet day!….it was also sweet to know that we were headed back to Alabama over the next two days.

Saturday, we got up and headed back to Alabama through Kentucky.  We stopped at Mammoth Caves.  We missed the guided tours (you would not believe how busy that place is!) and were only able to self guide ourselves through the big room.  It was pretty neat, but a little disappointing that we didn’t get to take the tour.

We spent the night in Nashville and went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner….um — YUMMMM!!!!

Sunday, we got home and had Monday (Labor Day) to recover from the busy week! 

We are now on the medication for the trial, and will find out in December whether we are on the actual drug or the placebo.


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