We have a date for CCED

7 Jun

After months of waiting.  After weeks of emailing and calling.  After finding out our file was missing the transcripts from two doctors and calling to make sure they were either sent or or being sent, I called the Intake Coordinator at CCED and she “penciled” us in for the first available date August 30.

There are some dates available in July, but there are 11 families waiting for the council to approve them into the program.  If they want the dates in July, we will keep the August 30th appointment.  So, we are *really* hoping wishing praying that no one wants to spend a week of their summer in Cincinnati.  Of course, that doesn’t seem likely…there is tons to do there! 

Kings Island, Cincinnati Reds Baseball, Cincinnati Zoo, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Creation Museum — and so much more!  We are looking for things to do if you know more!

Another thing to remember is that Girly Girl’s birthday is September 2.  So we will be looking for something *very* special to do for her while we are there!

Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns.  They mean so much to us.

Button Boy is still on the elimination diet of NO SOY, NO WHEAT, NO NUTS, NO EGG, NO DAIRY, NO FISH AND NO CINNAMON.  He has his good days and his bad days.  There are many days that he doesn’t want to eat what he should eat because he is bored– because there isn’t a lot of variety or he is craving something he can’t have!

We have found some new places in Montgomery that will cater or already have menu items that Button Boy can eat.  Nancy’s Italian Ice is made with no dairy…of course, they have a “Fancy Nancy” that is combined with a soft serve ice cream, but Button Boy can’t have it (but I can!)  We also went to Wintzell’s Oyster House in downtown Montgomery.  We were prepared to just get Button Boy a plain baked potato so we could put his dairy-free/soy-free butter on it…and his shredded rice cheese (both sound very appetizing, eh?)  Imagine how surprised we were when we found out that they breaded their own seafood at the restaurant and were able to make a child’s plate of popcorn shrimp with no breading and sautéed in his “butter” and instead of fries — a plain baked potato!  He was so excited that he gobbled them down!!  I think we may try to go there again….SOON!

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