Loss of a friend…

1 Jun

I found out today (Tuesday, June 1) that a friend of mine from high school was murdered.  A senseless act.  An act of pure evil. 

It happened at 10am on a street that runs through a business area in Montgomery.

This woman was a daughter.  She was a mother.  And now, her children have to grow up knowing that she was killed by a man they were supposed to trust.

All of my memories of Daphne Meeks were of her smiling…her laughing…her cheering at football games….of her being a Beauty in the year book.  (Yes, we are *that* southern that we have “Beauty” and “Beau” in our year books….and they are voted on…one year by Deborah Norville)

I loved my friend Daphne Meeks.  I am very saddened by her death.


3 Responses to “Loss of a friend…”

  1. michelle lee June 2, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    Please post donation or needs of the meeks family when you hear of them. I went to college with Daphne- but did not know her family very well. Several of us would like to do something.
    Thank you-
    Michelle Gascoigne Lee

    • EmmyJMommy June 2, 2010 at 11:30 am #

      Michelle, when I hear something, I will post about it. As of this morning, the paper did not have any new information or an obituary.

  2. Rhonda Carr Stinnett June 29, 2010 at 11:50 am #

    I just learned of Daphne’s death a few days ago.I went to school with Daphne also,but wasn’t a close friend,was a classmate.
    Daphne was very popular in our school,but that is not what made her stand out.She was such a sweet and outgoing person,always smiling.Despite her popularity,as some let it go to their heads,Daphne was very grounded.She treated everyone as her friend and looked down on noone.She was in one of my classes and she was someone I looked up to.My sister tried out for cheerleading,and she remembers Daphne as a big sister type helping her learn all the routines..my sister made the team.
    I cannot get this heinous crime out of my mind.It baffles me that something like this could happen to anyone, especially Daphne.I cry for her daughters who will grow up without their mom,her mother who lost her daughter and her siblings who lost not only a sibling, but a best friend.
    To Daphne’s family, I send my deepest sympathy.I will pray that your family will get through this with God’s help.
    She was an inspiration to us all,and will be dearly missed.

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