AU Tigers vs. GA Gym-Dawgs….pics & and a little commentary

30 Jan


Krissy Voss and her cheerleaders!!!!

We made the trip to Auburn for the Gymnastics meet vs the GA GymDawgs!!!!!!  It was a great competition, the GymDawgs were as good as we expected, but Auburn was on FIRE!!!!  Krissy Voss won the All-Around….which we were terribly excited about!!!!

Krissy Voss signing our poster!

Kylie Shields

Kylie Shields is TomBoy Girl & Drama Girl’s favorite gymnast….she was wonderful….and very attentive to the girls and told them that they saw the poster during the meet!

Rachel Inness and the Girlz!

We love to watch Rachel on the balance beam and the floor.  She is beautiful on both!!!!

Drama Girl & her caught shirt

I am not shy at these events…..I gave a group the four seats in front of us….and told them their payment was to catch a t-shirt and give it to Drama Girl….they caught and turned and gave it to her!!!!!


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