Dodenhoff Reunion

26 Oct

Drew Dodenhoff & Daddy


Carey Dodenhoff

The second weekend of October, my parent’s hosted a family reunion for my Dad’s mother’s side of the family.  We had some new faces to meet…the Dodenhoff’s from New Orleans and a Dodenhoff from Indiana! — and then we had loads of fun with some of the faces we don’t get to see all the time!

My Great Aunt Meme


Great Great Nephews & Meme

It is always a blessing to bring together family and spend time together getting to know one another again.  This side of the family, I was the only girl while we were growing up…so, it is fun to see Girly Girl have girl cousin’s to play with….and Button Boy got to play very boy things.  I think his favorite was football with “Uncle Alan”  (he’s really my cousin, but I can’t stand for my kids to call him Mr. Alan or just Alan….so “Uncle” it is!)

Briggs & Alan playing football

How many kids vs. Alan???

It was also a great time to spend with Alan’s sweet, darling wife, Jennifer.  Her picture is in the dictionary next to “sweetheart”.  She just is one! 

Alan and Jennifer’s second child has some GI problems that they are suffering through.  We have diligently been praying for RH for a long time.  His problem is different from Button Boy’s, but they are finding out that he does have food allergies and sensitivities….and when they got home they were implementing an elimination diet…..when Dr. Saeed suggested it to us, I cried!  I have tremendous respect for Alan and Jennifer and doing this long process to find out what is going on with RH.

Rushe Henry


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