Summer Happenings…

8 Aug

Well, as you can tell by the lack of posting — our summer is in full swing <and school begins in a week — AAAAA!>!  We have been a busy little family!

Button Boy has been to Children’s Hospital and we were blessed to stay in the Ronald McDonald House in downtown Birmingham.  This place is more than we could have ever asked for it to be, and the price was just what we needed!  Please, please, please….next time you are in McDonald’s and you pay in cash…look next to the register or in front of the register for their donation bucket for Ronald McDonald House, and please give your change from you meal.  I will never pass by it again!  …Sorry for the shameless plug, but I know most of you understand the struggles we have had since Button Boy was 5 weeks old.

Back to the Boy, he had his EGD….it showed that the EE was inflamed again and seems to be worse.  We are on another steroid…this time an oral mist that is used for asthma patients, but instead of inhaling it — he swallows it.  We have been using it for a little over a week.  I am waiting for the “Prednisone-Syndrome” to kick in….and I am not looking forward to it.

Button Boy

Button Boy

 Girly Girl and Button Boy have both experienced their first swimming lessons!  They both stressed about them before they began…Girly Girl decided she didn’t like the deep end and worried about it all week…until the last day, then she decided it wasn’t too bad!  Button Boy just cried everyday before lessons and after lessons….he did fine during lessons once he got in.  By the last day of his lessons — he JUMPED OFF THE DIVING BOARD!!!!

Girly Girl has been enrolled in gymnastics for the first time, also.  She took for the months of June and July, and will begin again in August and take through at least December.  She has falled in love with it!  I think part of it is that this summer the class has been small and even some days she was the only one in the class.  She began the summer unable to do a cartwheel or handstand…now she can do both!  She loves the uneven bars and is learning to do a pull-over by herself and casts with a back hip circle….tough stuff for a girl that hasn’t had much upper body strength!  She has made us so proud with her excitement and willingness to do the yucky stuff (like 35 sit-ups at the end of every lesson)!!!

Girly Girl on the balance beam

Girly Girl on the balance beam

Handstand on the beam

Handstand on the beam

Hip Circle on the Uneven Bar

Hip Circle on the Uneven Bar


Vacation Bible School this year was GREAT FUN!   We hosted Crocodile Dock…and as usual “E” and I played in the Pre-school Snack area….or as we called it “Redz Snack Shack!”  We were so blessed by the children and their excitement for learning to “FEAR NOT!”  We are listening to the cd in the van — which is lots of fun, until the kids begin to imitate “E” and my singing during the week (we tend to scream and sing *way* out of tune!)

I have much, much more to tell you about, but haven’t actually published a post in over a month…so I will continue to work on my other posts, and get them to you as soon as I can!



One Response to “Summer Happenings…”

  1. notsosahm August 15, 2009 at 7:28 am #

    Glad to get an update 🙂 Miss you.

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