I’m Going To Miss You! I ♥ U, Vicki!

7 Jun

My friend, Vicki from Not So SAHM, is moving.  We met at church….I began reading her blog.  I found that we think *a lot* a like!  We had a “hook up” at the coffee place that I love but has gotten way too expensive for me!  We had a great time…found out that we have a real connection as friends and sisters in Christ.  Mojo and I finally had Du, Vicki and their beautiful girls over for dinner a week ago.  That night was terrific!  We figured out how well we all got along…the kiddos loved playing with each other, the parents loved talking to each other…and the camera loved the pictures it took!!!!  

Vicki & Du

Vicki & Du




At the end of the evening we also found out that they were moving in 11 days.  It was a sad moment to realize that we have finally taken the time to spend time together, gotten along very well, and they are leaving.

This morning came too quickly.  I hadn’t realized how fast this week had gone by.  After our worship service, Vicki was standing in front me to say good-bye.  We embraced…we cried…we promised to keep in touch through blogs and FaceBook….and we plan on visiting DC while they are there.

Vicki, my sister, I am going to miss you terribly!!!  I love you and will pray for you, Du and the kiddos!



3 Responses to “I’m Going To Miss You! I ♥ U, Vicki!”

  1. Vicki June 7, 2009 at 11:29 pm #

    I’m going to miss you too! We never really take advantage of time and for us time is always short. I wish we could have had more of our coffee talks and could have gotten together as families more. You truly are welcome in DC, we must make plans. Imagine the blog fodder, after all 😉 I’ll be in touch as much as cyberspace allows me 🙂 (insert heart shape here, which I don’t think I can do on my phone).

  2. Tammy June 24, 2009 at 10:03 pm #

    The pictures are great! I hate to hear that. It is always sad to see a friend move away. I remember when Kristi told me she was moving to Texas. It is hard. You and your family are in my prayers.


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