Menu Planning — Thank Goodness, Back Again!!!

25 May
Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

After two weeks off from Menu Planning, I couldn’t stand not having a “plan” written out (I did have a plan, but it wasn’t published).  With the 3 day weekend and holiday, I decided I really needed to plan on paper & online. 

Memorial Day has never been a holiday that we really “celebrated” except for getting a day off of  work and having the church members who have passed away in the past year names read during the Sunday service.  This year really won’t be any different, except that we have many friends, past and present, who serve our wonderful country…and I want to personally and publicly let them all know how much I appreciate their service.  It is a sacrifice for them to give their time and sometimes their lives to our lifestyle and beliefs.  As much as I appreciate their service, I appreciate the spouses and children who support them every day. 


Thank You!!

Thank You!!

Now, onto the Menu Plan!

Thursday — Mojo’s Gallbladder surgery….Kiddos stayed with their grandparents, Mojo had peanut butter sandwiches, & I had leftover casserole

Friday — Mojo’s request, ordered pizza

Saturday — Mojo and I fended for ourselves, I wasn’t feeling well

Sunday —  KFC combo — both fried and grilled with 11 herbs & spices!  I love the new grilled chicken!

Monday — Memorial Day — grilling out at my parent’s Pork Baby Back Ribs with “Elba Sauce”, Grilled Potato Salad (Southern Living, June 2009), baked beans

Tuesday — Kiddos sleeping over with grandparents

Wednesday — church for Mojo, recovering from an outpatient procedure for EmmyJMommy

Thursday — Bruschetta ‘N Cheese Chicken and roasted red potatoes


2 Responses to “Menu Planning — Thank Goodness, Back Again!!!”

  1. Shari May 26, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    How was that Southern Living Grilled Potato Salad? It looks good…..

  2. EmmyJMommy May 26, 2009 at 7:59 pm #

    It is what I was planning on doing, but our grill was out of propane, so I roasted the potatoes and sauteed the onions….yum-o!!!!

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