Menu Plan Monday — No Plan, Yet!

11 May
Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

Believe it or not, I don’t have my Menu Plan completed for this week.  This week has some “may-be”s to it….I was expecting Sonshine Soccer on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday….but it is only Tuesday and Saturday….I was expecting Mojo’s parents on Thursday, but they aren’t coming until Friday….Button Boy’s 6th birthday is Saturday, and we are cooking out at my parent’s house with family and Button Boy’s friend (I’m sure I’ll have pictures to post sometime next week)….so, you can see there have been plenty of changes in the Menu Planning…so, I am going to for-go posting to Laura’s Menu Planning Monday round-up this week, but will probably post some of our food over the week.  I do plan on doing some cooking for my in-laws and during the week.  Button Boy is excited because I will be *ATTEMPTING* B.O.B. cake pops for his birthday instead of a cake!  We have to go egg-free which means no store bought cakes for us anymore!

Stay Tuned for updates on our week!



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