Baby Blanket

15 Apr

During the mid-1990s my Grandmommy began to struggle with her health.  I don’t remember which specific time I got to spend so much time with her…but there was one hospital stay that I was with her…a lot.  I didn’t really mind, either.  My Grandmother (I called her Me-Mommy) was a wonderful lady.  I have many fond memories of her. 

She sewed.  She sewed, a lot.  She sewed just about every dress I ever wore.  She sewed most of my pajamas.  She sewed most of my shirts.  She made 3 of my baby dolls (remember Adoption Dolls or Cabbage Patch Kids?) and a porcelain doll.  She knitted.  She cross-stitched.  She quilted.  She crocheted.

During one of the many hospital stays, I sat with her.  Talking.  Just chatting.  Once again, I don’t remember any specifics.  But during that day, she sat in her hospital bed and I sat on the rollaway bed (that is when the hospitals would put a rollaway in the room).  She talked me through crocheting lace around a hemstitched pique blanket.  My first blanket was baby blue with white lace trim.  It was rough and uneven.  But it was made with my Grandmother….so, I thought it was beautiful. 

Time went by and I didn’t practice my crochet stitches.  We decided to make a day trip to Elba to visit my Grandmother’s sisters.  My Grandmother was eldest of 6 sisters (Edith, Mary Ellen, Wayne, Jane, Ann, and Bet).  On our trip down to Elba, my Grandmother sat in the back seat with me and instructed me again, with patience and love, on my crochet stitches on another blanket.  It took me about 15 minutes to remember what I was doing.  My stitches looked better.  They were tighter and more even.

Nowadays I make baby blankets with crochet lace.  Most of the time I use the first pattern that my Grandmother taught me in the hospital.  It is very simple and lovely.  I also have a book of other patterns, and I have used them….but there is just something about that first pattern that I learned.

I make these blankets only for very close friends.  They are made straight from my heart.  Every time I make one, I think of my Me-Mommy. 

Baby Girl Crochet

Baby Girl Crochet



3 Responses to “Baby Blanket”

  1. Vicki April 19, 2009 at 6:51 am #

    I would almost have another baby to get one of those. Almost. I’d love to see one!

  2. EmmyJMommy April 19, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    I have on finished, and one I’m working on right now…I’ll be glad to show them to you at church if I’m up to going Wednesday evening!

  3. Denise April 21, 2009 at 12:13 pm #

    These blankets are so pretty. Those that are close to you are very lucky.

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