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28 Mar

This past week during my “roaming” around Menu Planning Monday, I decided that I would begin reading blogs that were close to the end of the “Mr. Linky” that Organizing Junkie posts. 

BusyJulie was link number 383. 

I *love* going through other Menu Plans and seeing what other mom’s are coming up with for their family, and honestly, I’m not all that good at leaving comments…., but for the first time, I tried to leave comments on most posts that I went to — because as a fellow Bloggityville, USA-er, I ♥ comments!  They are fun to recieve….just like a gift!  To know that someone you don’t know is coming and reading about me, my life, and my family…to know the struggles that I face, and to even pray for me, without knowing me! 

Come to find out, through a comment from BusyJulie, 5 Minutes for Mom is holding a “Carnival of Loyal Commenters” every Friday….and BusyJulie blessed me with her award for being her 1st commenter!  I’ve never won a blog award of any kind!  I have really never thought about it, but I am glad that I commented on her Menu Plan.  I didn’t realize I was her first commenter, but I remember visiting her blog and Menu Plan — because she struggles, like I do, to incorporate veggies! 

Thanks BusyJulie!  I will be a regular visitor *and* commenter!  I challenge everyone to comment at least once a day on someone else’s blog….


  ♥♥ spread the love! ♥♥

5 Minutes for Mom

5 Minutes for Mom



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