Menu Planning…again…

9 Mar

No matter how much I try, the only way I can stay on track with cooking every night like I need to is to Menu Plan.  I got away from it for a few months, but have realized that overall my life is much easier when I have a plan for my meals, in fact, I am now trying to do more planning with our morning and lunch meals!  I don’t keep these meals set in stone, but I do make sure that I have the ingredients for the entire week of meals.  One of the things that I have struggled with is Button Boy’s allergy to eggs.  I have discovered some egg-free pastas, cake mixes, brownie mixes and cookie mixes…but, I am also finding that I am enjoying cooking more.  Making things from scratch…I’m not at the level as my brother’s wife–yet!  I have been going to more and more cooking blogs, and wanting to stay at home more so I can cook!  Of course, my new addiction to Pampered Chef hasn’t helped! — thanks, Noelle!!!

Well, onto our Menu Plan for this week:

Saturday — Spiral Sliced Honey Ham (a deal at Sam’s!  7.88 lbs for a little over $13.00) and my homemade Macaroni ‘N Cheese (thanks to Martha Stewart’s website!)



Sunday — lunch with the Oue’s at Satsuki  YUMMMMMM!!!!  dinner — leftover ham & mac ‘n cheese

Monday — easy dinner, coming home from Callaway Gardens field trip with Girly Girl’s 2nd grade class —

Tuesday — Dad out with the kiddos, probably to Cici’s Pizza…I do not like Cici’s!

Wednesday — dinner at church, fried porkchops!  YUMM-O!

Thursday — cooking out Turkey Filets with rice

Friday — our favorite Chicken Bruscetta

Our lunches this week will be sandwiches with Black Forest Ham or Chicken Salad and either Bugles or Doritoes.  Breakfast is real fun!  Most mornings will be biscuits with cheese or (mostly for Button Boy) syrup! — it is Alabama, after all!

Just to go ahead and prepare my two faithful readers, I will not be posting my Menu Plans every week, but when I have something new and exciting to share…like the price of my spiral sliced ham from Sam’s…or my wonderful homemade Macaroni ‘N Cheese…or my Chicken Bruscetta repost…again!


2 Responses to “Menu Planning…again…”

  1. notsosahm March 10, 2009 at 9:26 pm #

    I menu plan my dinners, but for some reason I haven’t really thought about doing breakfast or lunch though… Lunch is the hardest for us, I should start planning those!


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    […] month have had more complex meals on them than I have ever really cooked.  I have made a very good Mac-N-Cheese by Martha Stewart.  I have made a stuffed chicken recipe that I saw on a Rachael Ray show.  The […]

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