Frugal Food Allergy Suggestions

5 Mar
The Inedible Egg!

The Inedible Egg!

I am a great fan of Money Saving Mom!  She has great suggestions and terrific deals that she posts throughout every day.  Well, I got a call from ‘Lainey (HI!) this morning tellin’ me that I needed to “rush on over” to MSM because she had a great post on Frugality with Food Allergies!  Oh my!  What a great thing to post about!  Oh, how I have struggled to stay frugal (which for me is a struggle in itself!) and faithful to NO-EGG-ery! 

Well, there are some great suggestions…and not so great ones, but go on over and read for yourself and see if you can use any in your frugal grocery habits! 

If you find some that are particularly useful or you have something that no one over on MSM has suggested, come back over to “Coffee Talk” and share them with us, too!  (you know, me!)

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