6 Feb
The Two E's

The Two E's


Today I am posting a quick post thanking God for my friend, ‘Lainey. She is the mother of my “other” children, Driving Girl, Tomboy Girl, Drama Girl, and Baby Girl.

‘Lainey, aka “the other E”, and I met at church, in handbell choir — if I am remembering correctly. God put her in my life at a great time…we had both just found out that we were pregnant, me with our second, ‘Lainey with their third. Our friendship grew over the next nine months, to the point that we were pretty much inseparable when we were not with our husbands! (as close to “connected at the elbow” as I have been since TSU & FSU!)

Little did we know, God put us in each other’s lives for a reason. When Button Boy began having problems when he was 5 weeks old, ‘Lainey was right there…she knew exactly the fear that I was feeling. She had been through a trial with TomBoy Girl when she was right around six months old. TomBoy Girl began throwing up everything she ate. Everything. To the point of ‘Lainey being prepared with a towel to catch the food she had just fed TomBoy Girl. ‘Lainey and her hubby, Hot Wheels (ha!), began going to the pediatric GI specialist here in Montgomery. TomBoy Girl went through some of the same tests that Button Boy went through. She was transferred to Children’s Hospital by ambulance. She had become extremely malnourished and ill…, but just like Button Boy, TomBoy Girl was given a grace that only God could have given. She was a very happy and easy going girl. TomBoy Girl did end up having to have a surgicical procedure to go in and try to find why she was unable to keep food in her body. ‘Lainey, even though I didn’t know her when she went through all of this, was put into my life by God to help me deal with the trials that were beginning in our life.

God, I praise you for all of the women in my life. I have such wonderful Godly examples to watch and learn from. Thank you so much for ‘Lainey and the support she has been to me. I praise you for giving her the wisdom of your Word and for giving her the heart to share you and your Word with me.  Oh, Heavenly Father, bless ‘Lainey and her family — and please allow me to be there for someone the way she has been there for me.  May you bless me with your wisdom and grace.  ~~Amen 


One Response to “Friends…”

  1. notsosahm February 7, 2009 at 12:49 am #

    And you girls could pretty much be sisters is what I’m thinking looking at the photo. It’s so great to be able to have those friendships!

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