Beach Time With The Family

15 Oct
Every year, my parents rent a house in Gulf Shores and invites my family and my brother’s family to join them for part of the week.  We love to go and spend time with them…last year it worked out to where it was a smaller group than usual, but this year we had 10 adults and 6 children **under the age of 8**!!!  It was a fantastic trip!  The kids were well behaved…and so were the adults!  We spent our mornings in the house, cooking breakfast, enjoying fellowship and playing on the beach…for lunch we kind of went our own ways (sometimes ending up together) and we all came back in the evenings and took turns cooking for the entire group.  Most of the meals were homemade masterpieces…mine was not!  It was football night, and Mojo and I cooked brats, baked beans and chips…nice and easy!
I thought I would share some pictures from our trip over the next few days…the first group of pictures are of my niece, nephew, and my cousin’s two kiddos, but I claim them as nephew & niece, also!
Baby Red

Baby Red

Girly Squirrel

Girly Squirrel

T-Bob's Mini Me


NC Girl

NC Girl

When I was growing up, our family vacations included my cousin Tracy (we lovingly call him T-Bob).  He was my second brother…we always said that he and my brother (JK) share one brain…that they were twins, just birthed by two different mothers…my personal favorite, Tweedle Finicky and Tweedle Grumpy (I’ll let those of you who know them, pick who goes w/ which nickname!).  Well, this was the first trip since we have “grown up”, gotten married, and had kiddos that we have all gone on a trip together…it was just wonderful!!!  We all said on more than one occasion during the 5 days we were together that it felt just like when we were young, just that we were watching our kids do what we did!!!


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