Life Long Friends

22 Jul

On July 2 I received a phone call from a friend I haven’t seen in at least 5 years…..”We are on I-85 coming through Montgomery, can we meet and say hi!?”  I was thrilled to hear from MK and Howard (he always LOVED it when I called him “Howie”!)….we met at the showroom and got to spend about 5 minutes together!

Luckily, Mojo had the camera at the showroom, and we were able to snap some pictures!!!

First, a picture from when I lived in Tallahassee and was season ticket holder for the Tallahassee Tigershark ECHL team (one of the reasons Mojo and I met!)

Tigershark Regulars!

Tigershark Regulars!

These are from July 2, 2008….at least 9 years later!!!!  WoW!!!!

MK & em 2008

MK & em 2008


MK, em & Howard 2008

MK, em & Howard 2008

One Response to “Life Long Friends”

  1. K. Skipper July 23, 2008 at 2:28 pm #

    Your weight loss has made you look YOUNGER! Good for you! And isn’t it wonderful to see old friends? I am so glad you made a connection.

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