4th of July Pictures

12 Jul

On the 4th we celebrated my cousin’s new marriage ….they had a sweet, small ceremony that included both of her children and Phil’s little boy.  We also celebrated with our dear friends, the Donaldsons, at the Riverfront Park.  We listened to the community band (which E’s dad plays in, and I seem to have gone to college with half of) and watched the children run around and play…and make so much noise that it seemed to irritate some of the people around us.

I love the 4th of July…my only request would be that it be held in March when the weather isn’t so hot!!!  But this year it was very pleasant at the Riverfront…a nice breeze and cooler than usual temperature.

I bumped into “He-man” (my best friend from high school) and his sweet wife (his high school sweetheart) and got to meet their two children.  I don’t have pictures because I really didn’t think about it, and it was dark while we were talking.  We haven’t seen each other since my Freshman year in college…his senior year at Lee….it was sooo awesome!  We chatted like no time had passed!  I was a blessing to be able to see a dear friend again!


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