Disney Day 4!! My dream come true!!

3 May

Anyone who has known me since high school knows that my favorite Disney Princess is Princess Ariel.  She has such a free spirit and a love for all things.  I can truly identify with her open heart and desire to explore the things that are unknown to her.  I think one of the reasons I love to travel is because I have a love of adventure…I love the new experiences of travelling…I love to watch my children experience new things…and Disney filled those loves for me!

Mommy, Girlie Girl & Ariel

During our trip I got to see my children come out of their shells from Day One until we left…they became more and more willing to experience the imaginary world of Walt Disney….and it was topped off on Day 4 when we met Princess Ariel at her grotto in Magic Kingdom.

The second wonderful experience that I had, was actually doing something with my Girlie Girl.  The Bippity Boppity Boutique was the type of experience that I would have flipped over as a child…and as a Mommy, I really wanted to be in my daughter’s shoes!!!  She had such a wonderful time and watching her transform from the little~big girl I have into a Disney Princess, was just about more than I could stand…I stayed emotional the entire time we were there…which, of course, is a mother’s prerogative!

 Wish Upon A Star

 How Beautiful!

 The Little Mermaid Princess


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