Disney, Day 4, Finally — Magic Kingdom!

27 Apr

View of the Castle

Our fourth day was our first day in the Magic Kingdom.  Before we left for Disney World, I had talked with a cousin who considers himself an expert on all things Disney…he is a Captain Hook fanatic and takes his family every other year to WDW.  Well, it was his suggestion that we do the parks in order from most realistic to most imaginative, so we could ease the kids into the realm of “Disney Reality.”  It was a great suggestion, and next to the Disney Dining Plan, was the best suggestion anyone gave us.  (So, my two biggest suggestions to anyone going, are those — my next one being not to be locked too much into a schedule, except for your meals…know what you want to get done and make every effort to do it!)

On day 4, we had lunch reservations at the Crystal Palace.  It was our first character dining, and honestly, we weren’t quite sure that Button Boy was going to make it through a meal with characters…he had proven he could walk up to them…but now they would be approaching him, and distracting him from his meal…and every meal is important for a post G-tube child.

Before even going into the Crystal Palace, our fears were put at ease…he was so excited, he couldn’t keep his nose out of the window!

We did a bunch of stuff at Magic Kingdom on our first day there.  We began the day getting to “It’s a Small World” and “Peter Pan” — just to make sure we got them in! 

I will post more pictures and more information in a few days….one of my favorite experiences happened on the first day at Magic Kingdom….and another one happened on the second day!  I just have to get the cd of pictures from my dad to be able to share them!!!



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