Disney, Day Three

8 Apr

Day One, Animal Kingdom — shorter day, lots of shows

Day Two, Hollywood Studios — longer day, lots of shows

Day Three, Epcot — way long, lots of walking!

Family in Epcot

We started our day in Epcot as early as possible, because we really wanted to get to make it all the way through the park, and it is huge!!!

Nemo and Friends was our first stop.  We made it through the ride and to “Talk with Crush” as quickly as possible.  We loved Crush!  He was so awesome!!  One of the best things done in Epcot or in Walt Disney World.  After Nemo and Friends, we went through Mission Earth and Universe of Energy….at that point we separated from my parents again, they took Button Boy and Mojo and I took Girly Girl….Button Boy was too short to ride Test Track and Girly Girl was literally jumping out of her skin to ride a “big girl” ride!!  She loved it, too!!!

After Test Track we met my parents at our first of two meal reservations in Epcot….the Coral Reef Restaurant.  Now, I’ll be glad to go ahead and tell you that this meal was so much better than our evening meal, it isn’t funny!!!  The food was actually melt in your mouth good!

After having eaten ourselves silly, we headed to the World Showcase….We did get to see them all!!!  Canada was one of our first stops…

Canadian Pavillion, Epcot

Koda & Kenai from Brother Bear were there, and the kids were so excited about getting their autographs and pictures made!!

Koda & Kenai


 Kenai & Koda

Koda Hug

We were able to visit all of the countries in the World Showcase and the kids and I enjoyed making the crafts at the KidCot stops. 

I have more pictures that I will be sharing over the next few days, just not sure when because we have a few obligations this week!



2 Responses to “Disney, Day Three”

  1. Slava Bogu April 14, 2008 at 10:49 am #

    I’m looking forward to seeing more. It sounds like you had a LOT of fun!

  2. Becky@BoysRuleMyLife April 9, 2009 at 9:06 am #

    How much fun was that!?!! I look forward to taking my boys to Disney one day… when the baby is a little bit older, though. I’ve heard they do a great job with food-allergy meals. Did you have any experience with that?

    Thanks for playing along in my Birthday Carnival!! So glad to finally take a minute to visit your blog and to get a picture of your family! So sweet!!!

    Sorry I was no help with the blogroll button… I really don’t know why it’s not working. 😦

    Looking forward to knowing you better!


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